Im new to to spot out the fakes? thx

  1. ladies,
    i'm dying to purchase a hermes birkin..been looking thru eBay..but want to know how to spot the fakes?thx
  2. I second HK's advice. The other thing to note is that you really should be doing a LOT of due diligence on the seller themselves. Check out what type of items they have sold in the past, or are currently selling. If they have sold a ton of car parts or comic books or something, and are now selling a Birkin, well...either it's fake, or they don't know anything about the bag and won't have any idea of how to handle the transaction.
    Another great way to check out a seller is to try to communicate with them. If they don't answer--move on. If they're rude--I move on (why bother with someone rude for such an expensive item?). If they seem evasive about ANYTHING--move on.

    Once you are relatively comfortable that a seller isn't a scam artist or completley ignorant about Hermes, then start checking out the bag in great detail.
    I find that doing it this way saves me a lot of time and energy, because as we all know, pictures can be stolen and if a seller is dishonest they might well be showing pics of a bag they do NOT have.

    The last hint I would give you is to spend time at Hermes, seeing and feeling the bags if at all possible. Honestly, seeing and touching the real thing will help hone your "fake radar" much more clearly than any amount of reading or looking at pics.

    Good luck! And don't forget, we're here to help!
  3. ^^Great advice...ITA.
    Smell the real bags, too!! :smile:
  4. Like you can help it ;)
  5. true!!! What's a girl to do when DH likes the smell of barenia? :shrugs:
  6. ^^^Tokyo!!!!! (please bring me)
  7. :graucho: Buy plenty of it, that's what!
  8. Any bag that you're interested in, post the link in the Authenticate thread. The experts will help you identify an authentic birkin.

    We do not discuss tell tale signs of a fake Birkin, and should NEVER do it.

  9. Tokyo, coincidentally, is #1 on DH's list of places to visit next in Asia. 2 problems: 1) we have 2 little kids, and 2) I refuse to go to Asia without a pitstop in HK. But it will happen, someday...we talk about it often.
  10. It's funny you said that. My dh really like the smell of barenia. He was the one pushing for a natural barenia bag and I couldn't agree more. Ladies, I am here to take you to h stores and h resellers when you finally make it to Tokyo. :smile:

    :back2topic: The smell test really works! I learnt that from hello and I have been using it ever since. No plastic/rubber smelling bags for me.
  11. I'm all about the smell test. I have left SAs speechless as they fumble for the tag to tell me the leather and I take a deep whiff and tell them if it's togo or clemence (quicker than looking at the grain).
    Tokyo...I am dying to go!!
    (licence, your baby is adorable.)

  12. I cannot wait for the LTC bagsniffing tour!!! :tup::tup:
  13. Hee! Then we could all look like this!

  14. I still smell my bags every time I bring them out of their sleepers....