i'm new to Hermes and i need help!!!

  1. i'd like to know if there's any scarf for which i can purchase for under $150cnd (or is this totally impossible??). i will be buying my mom a LV bag soon and i'd like to tie a scarf or anything of that sort on the handle for accessorizing purposes (and hopefully she can also wear it around her neck). since i'm only a student my budget is low, can somebody please help?!!
  2. a pocket square would be perfect. They are about 125 USD. This is apparently nearly the same CAD....They can also be used as a neck scarf....they are called pochettes. Here are a couple from Hermes.com, but the boutique will have a larger selection. They are darling tied on bags!


    You can start a thread in the regular subforum asking for pics of bags with pochettes or pocket squares, and check the "what scarf ...are you wearing today" sticky for ideas on wearing it.

    A twilly would work, too, but I think a pochette would give you more bang for the buck....

    good luck! lucky Mom!!
  3. Courtesy of S'mom....

    Here is her beautiful Kelly with a pochette

    And another on her gorgeous plume elan
  4. omg.. they are gorgeous!! exactly what i'm looking for.. thanks!!!
  5. Here is darling Rose wearing the same pochette as a neck scarf...


    A twilly is a ribbon shape...slightly less expensive...I have to take off but if you search the main sub, you will find pics of twillys on bags and ladies~
  6. you are very welcome!!
  7. 4alice, the pricing in Canada is still higher than in the USA even though our dollar is on par with the US$ (In Canada we also have different tariffs and duty on imported items than the do south of the border). I paid $197 (including taxes) for a pocket square in Ontario a couple of weeks ago. If your budget is $150 CDN, you should look at the twilly, and they have a good selection in the store.
  8. What a beautiful idea! Pochettes and twillies are gorgeous tied.
  9. Gosh, I never even liked pochettes or twillies but they look so elegant and perfectly substantial. Perhaps I am evolving! :amazed:

    P.S. Rose had the giraffe neck we all dream of having!