I'm new to ebay!!!

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  1. Hello ,

    Please advise , i'm new to ebay and i have 2 old laptops and would like to sell but need your advice before doing anything .

    1- for best price should i place an auction or normal item sell ?
    2- i'm going to use only my paypal to accept any payments ..... but still worried if the purchaser didn't like the laptop do you think if i'm using paypal do i still have a risk on my credit card ?

    Thanks for your advice , i'm quite new here and really feel very worried about this topic .


  2. any advice ?
  3. The electronics category is fraught with fraud. Even some of the most experienced sellers are targets of scammers but as a new seller, you will be a scammer magnet.

    For items like old computers, my preference and recommendation would be to list them on Craigslist, meet at a public location, require any payment to be cash only and have the computers charged so the potential buyer can test it.

    There should be no shipping, no checks, no bank wiring, NOTHING except meet in person and cash payment.

    For a newbie to be selling old computers on ebay is looking for trouble, IMO.
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  4. ok, i'll listen to your advice , but could you please give me example of what could happen?
  5. Easy... buyer could say they received an empty box, computer that doesn't work, any number of things. EBay favors the buyer in almost every dispute, so you'll lose your computers and your money.
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  6. it seems really risky, but is it only with computers ? what if you sell an old Mobile Car mount , they still can say i received an empty box ..... how do you protect your self ?
  7. Or they can say they'll send a courier to pick it up and will give you a bogus (but real-looking) bank check often for more money than you charged. They'll tell you the secretary made a mistake and overpaid; just send the overage back in cash with the courier, keeping $200 for your inconvenience. Later the check will bounce, your bank will put your account in the negative and the buyer will have a free computer plus the money you sent to repay the overpayment.

    As a brand new user, you can't even begin to imagine the fraud that can take place.
  8. Not every buyer is going to scam you. It is just more often the case with electronics than with other items. Ebay used to have a service, I believe, where you can sell the items to them and they will sell them, or you can use one of the valet sellers so they take the risk rather than you. If they are old laptops and not worth a lot, I think the risk of running into scammers is a lot less than with more expensive items.

    I sold an iphone once, the mailman didn't get the signature so tracking never showed it as delivered. Luckily, my buyer was honest and acknowledged receipt.

    Take a look at this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/threads/man-sued-for-30k-over-40-printer-he-sold-on-craigslist.943920/page-2#post-30364667
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  9. Wow, it's a scary world out there! :sad:
  10. I would sell them on craigslist. I sold my 2 tablets and 1 iPhone last year. I had them full charged and meet at Starbucks(wifi is free there) so buyer can turn on your elec. item and test. Both buyer and seller would be happy, and remember to take cash only. Good luck!