I'm new to Dior so i have a question...

  1. I have just feel in love with the pink girly boston bag!!
    What i wanted to know if they still carry this in the
    Dior Stores and do you know of any AUTHENIC Dior
    websites that I can maybe get it from?
  2. Call 411 for the woodbury commons dior outlet store in New York. They might have them there.
  3. I would try the dior out let shops.
  4. yeah, call all of the outlets (you can find the #'s in one of the threads here). They probably have one, i would think
  5. The outlets are out of them. I was trying to get one too...:crybaby: but we can keep calling them to see if they have it or not.:yes:

    phone numbers for the three outlets in the US.:graucho:
    Dior Cabazon
    (951) 922-3606

    Dior Orlando
    (407) 239-0090

    Dior Woodbury
    (845) 928-4602