I'm new to Chanel !!!

  1. Hey everybody, I'm new to Chanel, and I'd like to know some informations about classic bags with gold strap and leather.

    1- Is there a difference between the "classic flap bag" and the "2.55" ?

    2- Which bag do I have to buy, when I want two flaps in the bag ? The "2.55", or the "classic flap bag" ?

    3 - I also know that there are different sizes: If I want a classic bag in black with gold strap and leather whith two flaps, how many different sizes are there ?

    Thanks for helping me...
  2. Hi, Raphael, welcome to the forum. The classic flap bag only has one flap and is available in a variety of sizes and materials such as caviar leather, silk, jersey and lambskin. The 2.55 is also known as the reissue and comes in lambskin with the double flap as you require, however the 2.55 only comes with a chain strap (in gold or silver) without the leather.The 2.55 also has the square MM lock whereas the classic flap comes with the square MM lock or the the classic CC lock. Please check out the pics in the reference library to get an idea of the different flap styles.
  3. Here are some pics borrowed from the forum of the 2.55 (reissue bag)
    2.55.jpg inside.jpg
  4. Welcome to Chanel.
    Its such a hard decision when deciding. Go with what woos you over when you see it in person
  5. The classic flap bag in the medium size has 2 flaps.
  6. I had the black 05 reissue and it was not for me. The black and red jumbo flap make me happy!
  7. Welcome to Chanel! You will love it here, but your pocketbook won't!
  8. If you are specifically looking for the bag you are referring to with double flap, and leather through the chain, it would be the classic flap in medium/large size (not JUMBO as it is not a double flap bag), which in caviar right now retails for $1995.00. This bag will be going up in price I beleive next month. It also comes in lambskin, which you have to be a little more gentle with.
  9. Thanks everybody, you help me a LOT :yahoo: !!! Now I know more things about Chanel... It's a very beautiful and chic brand...

    And SympathyDuet, this is the bag that you've described I want, so thank you...
    Do you also know more about this price increase, please ?

    Thanks again everybody... :heart:

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  13. I can attest to that! :roflmfao: I have bought 5 Chanel bags and several accessories since I joined the sub-forum a couple of months ago! :nuts:

  14. Wow 5 Chanels !!! The forum has a devastating effect on our fashion spirits !!! lol
  15. Definitely dangerous. I just bought my 3rd Chanel purse and I also got sunglasses, all within a week.