I'm new to Chanel...

  1. And I'm buying my first hopefully next week. I cannot choose between the vinyl Coco Cabas and and black on black patent cambon. Which do you like better and which do you think is more durable?
  2. either one is beautiful!

    i've heard that the vinyl cabas is extremely easy to fake though, so be careful.

    i would suggest your first purchase be the classic flap though! it's timeless. :yes: i'm pretty new to chanel too!
  3. I did see a pink flap bag that I thought was really cute. I'm looking for under $1500 though because LV is my first love.
  4. I would second the classic flap!!
  5. quick question. . . are you positive you can find the Cabas?
    It's been sold out for some time now.
  6. Im also very very new to chanel and Im learning so much on this thread. I dont remember being on the forum like this for months now! lol.


    alot of ppl suggest a first chanel to be a classic flap...
  7. I'd go for the pink flap.
  8. Hard choice, both are great bags. I am staying neutral on this one.
  9. cambon. i kind of hate the cabas in patent to tell the truth. it's really rare to find a chanel bag that (imo) will look so dated next year, or the year after. I could, on the flip side, be easily criticized for being so boring/classic/conservative/hesitant to splurge on trends, but c'est la vie.

    I'm sure there are plenty of patent cabas lovers out there who will sway you in that direction anyway, so from me, a voice of dissent.
  10. Classic flap
  11. Are classic flaps on the expensive end? Like over $1500? I have a Louis Vuitton addiction that takes most of my money.

    I really love this bag but I have no idea what it's called. Anyone know?

  12. I would definitely get the cambon! What about PST (1095) or GST (1695)?