i'm new to chanel...:) question about classic flap

  1. HI,
    I was wondering if any size of the classic flap (calfskin) can be used as a messenger bag? I was at the chanel boutique the other day and i asked the sa, they told me, its only hand held and on shoulder..but from the pictures of people carrying their chanel on this forum, some were using theirs as a messenger bag.

    are the new flaps different?

    btw...i'm looking forward to my first chanel :smile: hopefully i won't neglect my lvs after starting on chanel :smile:

  2. The Jumbo flap can be used messenger style and so can the reissues.
  3. The medium flap can also extend the chain from doubled over to single so it can be worn across the body if you're thin. If not, you'll probably only be able to dangle it from your shoulder.
    The bags are not that big though, so they don't have the volume of a traditional messenger.
  4. The chain on the Jumbo can be worn as a double chain or a single chain. If you use it as a single chain, you can wear is messenger style. Tweety is right about the medium, you have to be really thin for a medium size to be worn across the body...I don't qualify! LMAO
  5. ITA:tup: