I'm new to Chanel and I need help

  1. I am seriously thinking about making my first Chanel purchase ever and I need some help. I know which bag I want but I don't know the name or where to purchase it. There would be no place for me to purchase it where I live (we don't have designer shopping:tdown: I have to travel just to get my designer jeans). So is there an authentic online store where I can purchase one? I really like this bag that Lauren Conrad is carrying. I need some major help! I am sure I sound silly to all you Chanel experts.:shame:
  2. Hi Karenina,

    Lauren is carrying the Black Caviar Medallion tote. There aren't any online stores where you can purchase brand new Chanels. However you can call Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Chanel's 1-800 number and have them ship it to you. You should have no trouble finding one.
  3. Welcome, and yes..Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills has one. I was there today...my SA Janine, is leaving for Paris in the morning and will not be back until the 13th. But you could call and ask for Tracy or anyone else there could help you. 310 550 5900. Enjoy your bag when you get it!!!:smile:
  4. looks like more and more celebs are getting into the classic craze! swooooning all over for a hot red jumbo!

    welcome to the CC club!

    that bag is a medallion tote from the classic collection. i think lauren's bag could be a caviar...