I'm new to balenciagas, please help me to decide!

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  1. Hi Ladies, I would love to get some advices in balenciaga colours and styles, and what sites there are to buy them online in Europe, others than cricketliverpool.co.uk?

    This far I've been a chloe paddington gal but there are situations when I'm hoping I also had one lighter and smaller + easier bag :yes: ....I have been eyeing balenciagas and I just realized there might be a cute answer to my needs :idea: :yahoo: ....And I love the leather & colours in them! :love:

    I think first might be perfect size and style for me as I'd like it to be definitely smaller than regular paddington.
    I also like this boxy style, any opinions about it? Is it smaller than city as I'd rather have a smaller bag?

    'The Box' Nude Bag - £580.00 : CricketLiverpool: Designer clothes in Liverpool. muk luk boots, mukluk boots, mukluk, ugg boots, alice temperly, balenciaga, boccaccini, cacharel, d squared, emilio pucci, mathew wiliams, rizal.

    Has anyone seen this (nude) colour in real, is it clearly pink based tone?

    - I have this thing over pale pink / pink undertoned bags and my heart melts everytime I see any pinkish toned balenciaga bag, what other pink shade possibilities there are in them? Calcaire looks perfect :heart: too but is it too similar colour with craie paddington..? :shrugs:

    Thanks in advance , any help is highly appreciated as I'm totally new with Balenciagas :flowers: :rolleyes:
  2. the bag pictured is calcaire i believe, and it's a great color, although you have to be careful with it since it's light. the box is definitely smaller than the city, but holds more than the first. i really like the style! good luck!
  3. :flowers: Thanks Pippop , I'm almost ready to go for this calcaire boxy shaped one:shame:
    Somehow I also like first style a lot as it's even smaller, if I could just find one in some delicious pinkish tone... but I need to decide before calcaire boxes are gone :Push: Decicions...:girlsigh:
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    I love the box style.
    The first was too flat and small for me, and the Twiggy felt a tad too long.
  5. i agree, i love the box shape! and calcaire is lovely!
  6. Thanks for both of you, I'm agreeing that the first is a bit flat :P

    ...Is the boxy shaped one also very light to carry?

    And do you think it would be easy enough in use for example when I'm going to movies - I was once sitting 2 hours watching some film with my paddington on my knee the whole time and gosh it was heavy!! :P
  7. hi sonja, and welcome to this forum :smile:
    i think all balenciaga bags are very light to carry :P
  8. Thanks seahorseintripes :flowers: I think I really need to get one!! :P

    I just e-mailed to luisaviaroma and to natalie schuterman in sweden - I hope they can tell me what they have in smaller sized balenciagas before I make my final decicion :shame: I wish I could find something in faded pink (I dont know the exat name) but I love the calcaire aswell :love:
  9. Sorry I'm borrowing some lucky lady's picture here showing her lovely bag :love: but is this one same as the box style in cricket liverpool, is the colour also the same...?

    'The Box' Nude Bag - £580.00 : CricketLiverpool: Designer clothes in Liverpool. muk luk boots, mukluk boots, mukluk, ugg boots, alice temperly, balenciaga, boccaccini, cacharel, d squared, emilio pucci, mathew wiliams, rizal.

    I think I copied the other picture from eBay, is that one "the first" ? Are these all 3 bags representing the same colour, what do you think..? Thanks again! :flowers:
    balenciaga 1 pale pink beigey bag.jpg balenciaga 1 small motorcycle.jpg
  10. Pale pink is from SS 06, which is a different season from Calcaire that is on Cricket Liverpool. Calcaire is much rarer because it was from an older season.
  11. Thanks, are the both bags in the picturs I posted pale pink or is the boxy one also calcaire as on cricketliv.p.? Or is the calcaire a lighter shade than these 2? Sorry I'm so confused with all these lovely colours :upsidedown: :love:

    Edit/ Was there also something about older season bags having more delicious leather...? :P
  12. the box is calcaire, the first i beleive is pale pink. i've heard calcaire does have nicer leather than the '06 bags, but i've never felt one for sure..good luck!
  13. Thanks Pippop:flowers: I think I will go for the calcaire box, the colour seems so lovely :love: ...I'll try to wait until the monday, hopefully they will then let me know about the styles /colours and prices in both Natalie Schutermann and LVR... but I'm tempted to buy the box right away before even hearing from them...! :nuts:
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