I'm new to Balenciaga - question about colors

  1. If I go to Barneys in New York (for example), do they still carry colors such as turquoise, teal or something similar? And how about lilac or something similar? Are those discontinued colors? Thanks for any help....:confused1:
  2. The colours you mentioned are discontinued. The closest to turquoise this season would be the aquamarine. French blue is also a nice cobalt blue this season, do a search for pics of both colours. No lilacs this season or purple toned colours at all.
  3. Those are discontinued colors. eBay is a great resource for discontinued colors. Call Barneys ahead of time. Aquamarime is a lovely color right now that you may like. Visit the website www.atliernaff.com this is a fantastic guide for all bbag shopping. There is an icon on the right hand side of that website that says something like color swatches by season. Try that, hope this helps and happy shopping!
  4. Sorry, left hand side of the web page!
  5. I just thought I'd add that periwinkle is also a nice blue this season too. Although the colours you wanted are discontinued it seems alot of pfrmers are still finding the odd one or two in stores around the US, particularly NM's good luck in your quest.
  6. Thanks so much for the replies....Is that website (atliernaff.com) spelled right because I can't seem to find it....
  7. Isn't Lilac 06' still available at Barney's? Or am I mistaken?