I'm new! So I thought I would share my lovely lil collection!

  1. Hey ladies (and gents!)
    New to the board. Found this fun forum while looking for a name of a bag that I have (that is still unknown) and after seeing some of you ladies collections that I would share mine!
    It's small but growing!
    I only became a real coach fan less that 2 years ago so give me credit :smile:

    Yes the Signature stripe has my initials on it! I'm a nerd yes. The shoes are the Evilina Wedges.



    Had to put my planner separete because I always leave it @ work lol

    * the mystery bag in question is the one on the back - the suede one! I picked it up @ the outlet. Last four of the serial # are 3664.

  2. Ahhh very exciting!
    Thank you so much! I love it so much.
    I'd like to see what the pink one looks like!
  3. Lovely collection! Welcome!!!!
  4. I love your collection & those wedges are TDF!
  5. Welcome to tpf! Great collection! Love your chevron hobo!
  6. Nice collection. Love your bags and wristlets. :tup:
  7. Welcome to tPF, :yahoo: Love your collection :tup:
  8. Great stuff! Welcome!
  9. Very nice. Love your pleated wristlet. Welcome to tpf.
  10. awesomev collection!! welcome to coach world....
  11. Ack! you have the signature stripe in gold?! I wanted that soooo bad! i'm jealous:greengrin:
  12. love your chevron hobo....i want one in pink!
  13. Great goodies!! Welcome!