Im new here!

  1. Hi all,
    im a new member here. i love chloe bags, the designs are awesome. i already have a chloe silverado in red, and the chloe orange paddington. im currently searching for either the sable or craie from 05. does anyone have any ideas where i can find them since its from 05? thanks in advance!
  2. Hi and welcome! :welcome:

    Please be extrememly careful if you're looking on auction sites like eBay. As you may already know, they are full of fakes and the fakes are getting really good. :sad:

    If you find one you like, from a well established eBayer, with excellent feedback, please post it on the Authenticate this Chloe thread and wait for at least two opinions.

    Good luck in your search! :flowers:
  3. Hi thanks for your advice. I will keep that in mind. btw i cant seem to post pictures up of my paddy, the uploading of the files always seem to fail. i have no idea why.
  4. Hi and welcome from me, too!
    I'm wondering if you are exceeding the maximum file size...?
    The maximum for pictures is 195.3 kb.:flowers:
  5. Welcome to the PF!!! And yes, your pics are likely too big to upload. Let me know if you need any help!