I'm new here...

  1. ....and here's my stash. :smile:

    From left to right:




    Dooney, Lambertson Truex, baby LV, Francesco Basia

    Pollini (hard to photograph these, they're butter soft with no structure) - my pride and joy, as they've been difficult for me to hunt down

    And a couple Kate Spade for good measure in the next post since I met my limit in this one.

    In addition, a few Fossil, Zeeland, LeSportsac, Tokidoki, Kenneth Cole, and misc wallets.

    Thanks for letting me share. I've been lurking for quite a while. :supacool:

    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg brighton.jpg dooney et al.jpg pollini.jpg
  2. And last but not least, the token Kate Spade
  3. GORGEOUS COLLECTIOn! Welcome to the purse forum!
  4. Welcome to TPF-love the kate spade
  5. Wonderful bags!
  6. great collection!
  7. Welcome..
    Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  8. Great collection!:woohoo:
  9. Love the LV Carnet de Bal and the tan Coach tote!
  10. Nice..........:tup:
  11. Thank you, Valley! I'm not much of a LV fan as far as the monogramed lines go, but figured I should have something just cuz LOL. It's the CUTEST little thing! The tan Coach Bleeker is one of the first Coaches I purchased. I can't bear to give it up, even though I rarely use it anymore.
  12. How did I not notice you before, Cat Lover?? How many ya got? I count two in your avatar? Anyway, welcome, belatedly!
  13. I love the diversity and colourfulness of your collection. Those ladybugs are very cute.
  14. The Kate Spade bags look like so much fun!
  15. Great collection!