I'm new here, please welcome my cloudy bundle (of joy) and cambon totes

  1. Hello there!!! I have been a constant visitor of this forum since early this year and I must say I am amazed :nuts: by the fabulous collections you ladies have. So, I decided I "need' a Chanel bag. But I have to decide intelligibly since it involves a lot of $$$$. I fell in love:heart: with the Cloudy Bundle n/s and Cambon totes. Thanks to Lisa Hamlin (NM-Troy,MI) and Shannon (NM-Plano,TX) for making my dreams come true.:yahoo:

    And now, please welcome my babies, my cloudy bundle (of joy) and cambon totes - my two perfect everyday black bags.
    DSC00659.JPG DSC00660.JPG DSC00661.JPG
  2. wow...welcome and great bags!!

    may I ask where/when you bought your Cloudy Bundle N/S tote?

    thanks!!! =)
  3. Very nice, congrats and welcome!! =)
  4. Congrats! They are both BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Loves! Great choices. Great SA's too. ;)
  6. I just got it last week from Lisa Hamlin (NM-Troy,MI). I searched high and low for this bag. I called Bloomies, Nordies, Saks, NM, 1-800-Chanel, Hirschleifer's, and I got the same response "Oh, honey, that was from last year. It's all sold out" But Lisa called me and said she had one available, so I grabbed it. I guess it was meant to be. I never thought I'd find her.:yahoo:
  7. very pretty, congrats!
  8. congrats! love them. very beautiful and practical pieces.
  9. Great choices! Congratulations!
  10. Wow, we have the same taste in bags, except my Cloudy Bundle and Cambon totes are beige. However, seeing your black/black patent Cambon makes me sad I canceled my order for it. I just have too many black Chanel bags!

    Congrats and hope you have more to show us in the near future.:graucho:
  11. Thanks, everybody, for your warm welcome.

    Roey, I love your collection!! It was your picture with the cloudy bundle that really made me determined to find this tote. I had the "white" one hold for the Saks EGC but then, I found this black one. :wlae:
  12. Welcome.....and Congrats on your beautiful bags!!!:tup:
  13. Great pictures!!! Love the cloudy bundles! Congrats!
  14. Welcome and what a great start to your Chanel collection. They are both very beautiful bags. You were very lucky to find the cambon with patent CC's. I love the cambon line.
  15. You have a wonderful selection, welcome!