I'm new here - need help

  1. Hi everyone -
    I'm interested in getting a black hermes bag (not a kelly the other kind maybe birkin?)
    Please be patient I'm not familiar with the names yet.:confused1:
    The material is a textured look. Either with silver or brass hardware.
    Does anyone know what kind of bag I'm describing here??lol
    I'm wondering how much it sells for and if I have to buy from a reseller or would I be able to purchase at a boutique.
    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. You are probably thinking of a black Birkin in togo leather. The hardware is called Palladium (silver) or gold (not brass).
    The question is which size you want: They are available in 25, 30, 35, 40 centimeters and there are also travel sizes but you are probably not thinking of those.
    Your chances of finding one at a boutique without having a pre-established relationship are slim, very slim. You would probably have to go through a reseller. Please be careful when you buy not directly from the shop and make sure you check back with us as this bag is extremely popular and thousands of fakes exist of this model.
    Hope that helps. Oh yeah, in the US the price for a 35 Birkin in togo leather is ca. USD 7500 before taxes, give or take a few.
  3. Check the threads and ask for help-the ladies here have a lot of expertise and u want to be very careful and get tPFers opinions before u buy anything from a reseller!!
  4. Thanks so much!
    You are all so kind.