*** I'M NEW HERE :D! Want to ask: Is this HERMES bag Real or Fake? PLS HELP

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Nov 30, 2006
Hi there.. I don't know where to start.. But i was looking at a Hermes Kelly bag ( according to the seller) she said it's:

It's a Kelly Birkin Bag Black 32cm. Stamped J for yr 2006. HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE embossed on front of the bag under "flap"?. Palladium hardware lock and keys ( a security ID engraved padlock with 2 ID engraved keys) Strap is stamped HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE. Hermes embossed on the hardware?. Made of soft Togo leather, with chevre goat skin interior lining. 4 protective silver feets on the bottom. 2 dustbags ( 1 for the bag and 1 for the padlock?) And she's offering a matching wallet with it.

Anyway, I hardly know zilch about the Hermes bag.. I'm just looking for a nice x-mas/ early bday gift for my mom..

Here are the pictures that she sent to me( click the link below). I asked her if she would be able to meet up at the Hermes store to clarify if her bag is the real deal or not.. She said: "sure". But comes to think of it... I have a feeling that Hermes don't authenticate stuff.. Or am I wrong?

Should i ask more questions before dropping a bundle of $$? If so, what else should i ask? What should i really look for to know if it's a fake or not besides the # on the lock/key, stitching, leather quality..

Hope someone can help me.. please and thank you :\!

Hermes bag photos:

Yahoo! Photos - oceanizem's Photos

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Oct 12, 2006
Is the bag supposed to be brand new? If so, the price should be thousands of dollars. I've never seen one in person but it doesn't look real to me. What's with all that wrinkling inside?


Mar 25, 2006
Fake. There is an existing Hermes Authentication thread above, so maybe you should use that thread for further authentication questions about another bag.

I believe this thread will be deleted soon ...
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