i'm new here and this is my tokidoki family

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  1. Welcome resin! Have fun here ..

    I tried clicking on the links but they don't work.
  2. thanks! and fixedddddddd
  3. Oh..I'm so envious of your Playground campeggio! I love messenger style bags too, infact I like bags that can be carried across the body. I've yet to find a nice Stellina but I'm sure to add that to my collection.
  4. aw, hello and welcome! and pretty!
  5. Welcome, welcome :biggrin: :heart: your collection...esp the foresta & playground :tup:
  6. Welcome Resin! :welcome: Your bags are super cute! :drool: I :love: your playground bag too!!
  7. Welcome! and ur bags are cute! :yes:
  8. Very cute :smile:
  9. Welkommen!
  10. welcome......nice bags you have there
  11. welcome and congrats on the bags!
  12. hello :] and welcome!
  13. Welcome!!
  14. Welcome Resin!!