I'm New..Chanel will be x-mas to me!

  1. Hey everyone! Wow...there is so much information here. I think as a Christmas gift to me I am going to get a Chanel bag. I am thinking the black caviar tote. We only have a small Neiman where I live and their Chanel section is tiny.

    I have a Gucci Pelham Medium Shoulder Bag (thank you mom and dad) and an LV speedy. I need to branch out from the logo bags.

    Do you think this would be a good addition to my slowly growing collection? Thanks! This is a great site. I could read for days!
  2. that would be an excellent addition!!
  3. What a great Christmas gift! If you're talking about the petite shooping tote (PST) or the Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in caviar, I don't think you can go wrong. They are gorgeous and classic. A bag you will have forever. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome pink1 :smile:!I think a Chanel is a good addition to any collection especially if it is a classic timeless piece!Good thing Christmas is less than a month off hehe!Don't forget to post pics when you get it!:yes:
  5. That would be an excellent addition! For a first Chanel, I would always recommend either a jumbo flap or a Grande Shopping Tote in black with caviar leather. :yes: Let us know what you decide!
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself.. either one of these is THE PERFECT first chanel! They are both such classic bags that will never go out of style! Good luck choosing!!!:p
  7. great x'mas gift
  8. Ohhh, congrats on almost getting your first Chanel... Christmas isn't too far away, yay!! :nuts: :heart: I would go for a PST (not quite for me, but a great classic tote many people like and tend to buy as one of their first Chanel's :smile:), a GST (PST squared hehe), a Jumbo caviar classic flap (can't go wrong with black, and the flap is iconic and stunning!), or a medium caviar classic flap (again, black hehe, and a dressier alternative to the Jumbo)! :love: It's a win-win situation... have fun deciding, and post pics when you get your new baby! :tup:
  9. Oh thanks guys! I'll probably have to order b/c our Neiman is so small. I appreciate all the help! I even "sorta" mentioned it in passing to the hubby last night. Figured I should mention it!!!
  10. awesome christmas gift!
  11. That's a wonderful Christmas gift! You'll love it!!
  12. yes, chanel is chic and classic! you won't regret it at all and it will be a great departure from logo bags for you:yes:
  13. Welcome to Chanel. I think the black GST would be a great Xmas Chanel---would you get silver or gold hardware?
  14. I think gold!
  15. it would make a wonderful christmas gift!!