I'm New, But caught scarf fever already!

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am new to this board..and to HERMES actually. I was just lurking and I was reading about the scarves. They are so beautiful and classy. I was curious...for those of you who own these...how exactly do you wear your scarf?
  2. AAHHH! Well.....I wear my full size scarves either as a belt with jeans and slacks or just looped casually around my neck. In cold weather I wear them under my coats just peeping out over the collar.

    The pochettes I wear tied around my head on those bad hair days or tied nicely on the handle of my bags.
  3. Have you gone on to Hermes's website? If you look at scarf page, there is a link for downloadable files that show you how to "Play with your Scarf".
  4. ^^ What everyone else said, plus if you have a scarf ring as well you can do even more "looks". I don't have an Hermes scarf ring yet but I have several mother of pearl buckles that I picked up at antique stores (you can find them where they have their old buttons) that I use as scarf rings. :flowers: The scarves are so versatile and fun!
  5. I follow the pictures in the carre book (you can get one at Hermes)....I have quite a few favourite ways......BUT ever since I bought a scarf ring, I haven't worn them without it!!!! If you love the scarves, I highly recommend a scarf ring!!!!
  6. Wow..yes I do believe I would love a scarf ring. Thanks so much for the replies :smile: