I'm New and Obsessed yet Traditional (ugh)

  1. Hi all!

    Obviously, my name is Lori and I'm new to Coach. I'm a handbag fanatic and spend much money on them, I've finally decided to invest in quality for once and Coach has stolen my heart! I shall be visiting the outlet in Mn. this weekend.

    One thing I've noticed while making up my wishlist: I'm friggin traditional! I am given so many choices for colors and guess what I choose? Khaki, chocolate, etc.

    I'm normally a black bag girl so I'm surprised I haven't chosen anything in that color...any other traditionalists here? Am I just boring?

    My wishlist so far:

    Soho Sig. Small Flap in Silv/Khaki/Chestnut

    Soho Sig. Tote in Silv/Khaki/Tobacco

    Soho Sig. Wristlet in Silv/Khaki/Chocolate

    Legacy Sig. Wristlet in Brass/Khaki/Ebony

    Do ya see what I mean??? Someone help! :p
  2. if you want the bags to stay a neutral color, then get some charms and scarfs to tie around them that are colorful that way you are adding color that can change depending on your outfit and season! welcome to tPF!
  3. how about fun colored accessories, too? i completely agree about the scarves-- it's a great way to update your bag depending on the season or your outfit!
  4. So you're saying it's ok to be neutral? LOL...I'm not that traditional in my clothing but purses, classic all the way.

    I'd *like* to push my boundaries someday, hoping to find something I HAVE to have at the outlet that isn't neutral in the least!
  5. yes its ok as long as you can add something to them to make them unique and stand out.
  6. Do what I did and go for a neutral bag then do what Cindy and the other handbagistas-- who I worship-- here say: Spruce it up with a coloured scarf and some keychains! See what I did below-- makes the bag anything but ordinary!

  7. Most of my bags are black, or some shade of brown (dark choclate, khaki). I love the signature and the leather. I do have a few splashes of color (pink, light blue, and dark red), but othrwise I'm a traditionalist too!! welcome to the club!! We like classic, elegant bags - what's wrong with that?!!:smile:

    P.S. - I love your bags and scarf, charms!!! So cute!!!
  8. Now THAT is cute and so original!! I LOVE it, thanks for the ideas ;)
  9. check out the showcase and the "pics of bags accessorized" threads to get a feel for what to do!
  10. Welcome! I'm very conservative with my bags also, No matter how hard I try to break out of my black bag syndrome, i still find myself drawn to them like a moth to a flame, I did however get wild and crazy and bought an ergo tote in... drum roll please.......Camel! lol. The legacy line and the new ergo totes are a great choice for those of us afraid of color though because it has that delicious colorful stripe lining. :smile:
  11. That's funny! All I've ever had were black bags and I don't seem to find them appealing in the Coach line! But I love the idea of charms and scarves, I'm excited to see what the outlet's got :smile:
  12. I love the deep browns that Coach produces and that is why I keep going back to them! :yes: I do not think it is "boring."

    I do like to buy colorful accessories that I sometimes attach to my bags, but sometimes not. Always depends on the mood, the event, you know!

    Good Luck at the outlet!
  13. Thanks! I'm so excited to go. We also have a local TJ Maxx too...and I'm wondering if your region plays a factor into "hidden treasures". Around here, nobody really knows anything about Coach, let alone has enough money to buy it.

    So it makes me wonder if I should go have a little look-see ;)
  14. ohhh! TJ Maxx is a good spot to look! I think they've been mostly been carrying Hamptons Weekend stuff. at least from what I've seen - I don't have a TJ MAXX near me..... :sad:

    Definitely check it out! :graucho:
  15. So does TJ Maxx rotate their stock and all have the same things no matter where the store is?

    I sort of live in back ass wisconsin. Wondering if back ass TJ Maxxes would have hidden treasures because of where they're located.