I'm new and need your opinion on these LVs


Jan 15, 2006
Hi everyone this is my first post. A friend of mine wanted to buy an LV in the Damier line. She narrowed it down to three and I told her I'll ask the opinions of the knowledgeable ladies here in the forum.
Her choices are:
1. Papillon 26
2. Illovo PM
3. Ravello PM
Just to give you an idea, she's in her early 40's, casual lifestyle, not into big bags, she's petite around 5'2". Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
I really like the Papillion. I think it would be a great bag for her, and not too big for her height. I also feel like she might get more use out of it...looks like you can carry more. I could be wrong since I don't own any of the bags.
i'd say the papillon or the ravello.......i think the ravello is greater for an older woman but i'm 21 and i love it too....i love the papillon style but i find it uncomfortable to fit under my arm (but u can always carry it in teh crook of ur arm).....the ravello is rather slim but it's long so wallet/keys/cell shouldn' t be a problem and the zipper/opening on the papillon so it's hard to get bigger things in and out anyway......
The Papillion is the only one I like at all - I AM an older woman and having said that, the other two bags are way too conservative for me so I don't think it's about age at all, it's about taste.
I just ordered the Ravello PM from eluxury and love it, it's the perfect everyday purse for me. I'm much taller than your friend (5'9") and I think it looks proportionate on me, which I didn't think so much with the small Papillon (though I'm sure it would be cute on a petite woman!). The Ravello also holds a lot more than you think it would because it's so long.

I'm now saving up for a Damier Alma, I love the Damier. Hopefully in a month I'll have the funds secured!
I'll go with the damier papillon for your friend. My mom got the bigger version of Illovo and she's hating it right now. She said it's always losing its shape and now she wants me to sell it on ebay for her. lol