I'm new and need GIGI ADVICE!!

  1. HI! I just found this site and I can't believe I didn't know about it before!! I am a total purse junkie - was all about LV for a few years, but now i am back to Coach and I need advice about the Legacy Gigi Leather - I see it in two ways, on the Coach website and in eBay listings, the whiskey and walnut have a patch pocket and white stitching on Coach.com, but #1 there are NO walnut available anywhere but Coach.com and the whiskey has NO patch pocket and NO white stitching on eBay! I know that sounds confusing, but my question is this: Do I spend the full price for the new version - is it worth it for the patch and stitching? If so, walnut or whiskey? If not, whiskey in the old version? HELP!!! I am deaming about Gigi.........
  2. Hello Cathy! I am relatively new too, but I have a whiskey Gigi (from eBay) and I thought I might put in my 2 cents.

    The walnut is new for spring, which is probably why nobody is selling it on ebay yet. The whiskey Gigi was part of the winter (?) catalog I think.

    Hm, does the new Walnut Gigi really have the patch pocket in the back? Did they add that for Walnut? Even though the whiskey gigi prototype pictured on Coach.com had the pocket in the back, the actual bag doesn't. The same for the contrast stitching. Does anybody know?
  3. Oh NO! So now i don't even know if ANY bag Fall or Spring has the white stitching or patch pocket??? ACK......what to do...... I am making a decision by tomorrow night hopefully...Monday morning at the latest, so any of you smart ladies out there please HELP!!!!:wtf:
  4. I think someone on here before called JAX and they told her that the picture with the pocket on the back isn't how it's actually made. So the pocket isn't really on the gigi, except on the picture at Coach. I hope this helps!
  5. hmm....I just got the whiskey gigi

    you are right! (of course) no pocket!
  6. My Walnut Luci does NOT have contrasting stitching, and it was the same way when I had the Walnut Gigi before I returned it. I don't remember if it had the patch pocket on the back or not...

    I can't compare the two now to see if the stitching was the same...but I don't remember it being that contrast-y on the Gigi. I normally don't like contrast, so I would have noticed if it was obvious.
  7. I got the walnut Gigi and it is absolutely gorgeous, the whiskey is beautiful too, but a little orangey. This bag is huge and not heavy and I got the legacy silk scarf tied to it.....best decision on a bag in a while! Thanks for all the help ladies.
  8. Congrats!! They are beautiful, aren't they?

    I went back AGAIN and returned my Luci (referenced above) for a walnut Gigi. :love:

    Come back and post more often!
  9. There was an older style Legacy Slim Tote that was like the gigi. I don't have it in front of me but that might be what you are looking at.