I'm new,, and look what I got today~~~!!!

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  1. :yahoo: Look!! I know everybody wants to see this!!!

    Which one do you like better?
    Large or babycabas,,,??? Which one should I keep~~~?

    I like both of them~~he he he~~
  2. o wow! thanks for the pix. i like the bigger one!! :biggrin:
  3. congrats!:yahoo: keep the one you love the most!:heart:
    oh, and where are my manners:push: ...welcome!:welcome:
  4. Wow, so now here is pictorial confirmation that there are indeed 2 sizes of the Baby Cabas. Thanks for the photo! Gosh now it only makes my decision that much harder.....
  5. Bigger one gets my vote.
  6. Tough choice, but for some reason the small version looks more proprotional to me.
  7. The big one!
    I wish I had waited for the new cabas had I known it was going to be larger then the baby!
  8. cathyrhee - could you please post the A___Y___ # for the bigger "Baby Cabas"? would really really appreciate it....

    I'm even more confused than before now b/c I just confirmed today that the $1795 "Baby Cabas" (sold by Bergdorf's) and the $1995 "Baby Cabas" (sold by Nordstrom's) actually have the exact same A___Y___ #: A33986 Y04154

    That is not supposed to be the case if there's a difference in sizing, as each Chanel style has its own (unique) A___Y___ # (even if it's a just a minute detail that sets it apart from a sister style). So I'm curious as to what the A__Y__ # is for the bigger "Baby Cabas."

    When I called Nordstrom M of A today the SA checked the A__Y__ #'s as well as the strap details for me and indicated that the straps for the $1995 one are the same as the old "Baby Cabas".....i.e. only leather & chain intertwined, no braiding whatsoever. And she kept reassuring me that they are indeed the small size Baby Cabas just like the first batch.....?
  9. Welcome to TPF! I vote for the large one, its absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!
  10. WELCOME & Congrats on your cabas!:yes: :yahoo:

    I like the smaller one.
  11. Welcome to TPF, congrats I like the baby
  12. Welcome! And congrats! I pick the baby cabas. :smile:
  13. Welcome!!! and what loot!!! I LOVE the baby baby!!!! Post modeling pics!! Congrats!!
  14. Love the baby! Welcome and enjoy!
  15. Liking the baby better. What feels better and easier for you to wear?