I'm new and in love...

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  1. I found out about HH at another forum and saw one IRL just before Christmas. It was heaven!
    I just received a PL Bowery from my sister for Christmas (I asked her for it) and it is wonderful! So cute and compact. I can't wait to use it. I just wish it had inside cc pockets. It is just as the reviews stated, nice size and a bit on the heavy size, mainly due to the dring. I do love it.
    I got a Havana in black but not crazy about it. I love the shape but the part where it folds over is weird to me. I hope to sell it soon!
    I am now waiting for a Blueberry Sloane Satchel. I shipped it to a place in the US to save on charges. I hope I like it.
    I just have a question about the PL, does the finish flake off? Do I have to be really gentle with it? I don't baby my bags very well.
    Now I really really want a pair of sandals but I think I may have to take a trip somewhere to try them. I have wide feet...
  2. Congrats on your new bags! IMO, you shouldn't need to baby your HH too much. I'm really hard on my gear, and HH is so well-made that I haven't noticed anything beyond what you would expect from normal wear. When not in use, store in your dust bag- don't dunk it in the dirty puddle on the side of the road, don't let welders handle it, and keep it out of the acid tank.

    I'm sure the other Hotties will have more specific tips (there is a wealth of experience on this forum- and some fabulous ladies!)

  3. Although I have strayed through the years, HH keeps pulling me back. There quality and design are next to none. PL is TDF and wish I had gotten one when I had the chance.
    I love my Havana, but agree the flap is a bit strange at first. If you leave it hanging on a door knob it starts to settle into the gorgeous slouch it is known for. Or is it the black your digging? Personally they make so many beautiful colors that black would be the last on my list to get. I have it in VCP and Cordovan.
    Welcome to HH and the PF.
  4. I've heard some complain of flaking around edges of accessories, but can't recall any complaints regarding larger bags..
    I have yet to use my PL Havana so I don't have too much to offer..
    But I hope you LOVE your new Sloane, be sure to post some pics when the bag arrives.. we love to see HH in action!!
  5. Mmm, fresh meat! :biggrin: Just kidding...
    Welcome! You'll love it here
  6. Welcome girlie! But beware! This place can be evil. I haven't been here that long and the damage has been bad! LOL. AS for the PL, I did see a flake( just a small speck) on the inner panel of my Havana, but I don't know if it was already there to begin with. I've been using my PL for a week and it's holding up pretty well on the outside. Plus, I do not baby my bags, so I think you are good to go!
  7. TY ladies. I've been lurking here a while You all have such amazing collections.
    Bon - good to know about the acid tank. :smile: I'll try to stay away from them. As a sidenote, my hubby works at a government building where a acid tank started leaking. The haz-mat team came in and won't work on it because it was too dangerous.
    swolf - I need a nice black bag. I have a LV which I carry to work mainly but I find sometimes it is too much logo. I love everything about it but for the flap. Maybe I will get used to it. No takers on selling it. I am not crazy about the 'bay with the fees and all. I have a bit of buyers remorse since I bought the Sloane and ordered a red bowery ($44!!). I have alot of bags but I think you guys may know what I am talking about.
    cho, leo, cer - Thanks for the welcome. I see that this place is dangerous but I will have to join the banned group after I get the sandals. It's just the deals are soooo good. If I were a retailer I would be po'ed!!
    My DH got the havana for me for Christmas. He likes it and said I should keep it.
    Can't wait for the other bags to arrive. Yummy!
  8. Have you tried Ecrater? There are no fees there.
  9. swolf - I've seen that around. I haven't really looked into it yet. I am waiting for the sloane to come before I make a decision. I just feel bad for having 4 new purses arrive in such a short time period.
  10. :welcome2:
  11. Thanks Karmen! I have a MJ Sophia in White, aren't they great. Just a bit heavy but I love the bag. I've loaned it to my sister while I am still carrying stuff for the kids.
  12. ^ There's just something about that bag...the compartments and upright design make it different, unique, IMO...it's my favorite MJ bag.
  13. #13 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    Theme from "Jaws" playing in the background.:graucho:

    Seriously, welcome aboard but fasten your seatbelt, it's going to be a bumpy ride..one newbie to another...you are really heading into dangerous water here amiga....hide the CC's...disable your paypal...yank out the cord to your computer...and lock your laptop in the basement or attic..;)

    I have decided not to baby my bags because then I won't enjoy them if I cringe every time a snowflake falls. I have protected the ones I could, carry a soft white cloth and will be careful with the more delicate ones but heck, I bought 'em to use 'em not to store in a museum or worship.

    After reading what Toni said about her bags...she doesn't protect them at all and loves when the get the look of vintage...(Of course the lovely and lucky lady has the luxury of having access to everything HH LOL!)

    ITA...the ones I have decided to keep and love I will use until they get that certain vintage patina...and then wear to death. (of course...now that I write this I am wondering if I should have gotten duplicates to replace the worn out ones:nuts: See what I mean:graucho:)
  14. gingey - You are so right. I've been reloading the HH site so many times than I can remember. DH says I should have the site memorized.
    I want so many bags....
  15. Amiga...wait...wait..patience..I remember what it was like for me when I first discovered HH and the insane sales.

    Spring is around the corner. One newbie to another, I went insane the first few sales and bought some things because they were a bargain. It's hard to judge so before you do any major damage, go to the threads and look at people modeling them IRL as well as the posts that show photos of them too. You can gauge far better whether the item will suit you or if you actually need it. Much much better than some of the pics on the HH site.

    Welcome to the madness..:heart:;)