I'm new and I have a question.

  1. My first Louis Vuitton purchase was on Sunday. I bought a Speedy 25 in Damier. When I bought it the sales lady had it wrapped up for me and all ready to go. I know the Speedy can be flattened and put in a gift box but what I'm worried about are the crease marks. Are they supposed to stay on the bag for a long time becuase the pictures I've seen on the forum of the Speedy don't have crease marks. HELP! MAKE THEM GO AWAYYYYYY PLEASE :sad:
  2. when i got my damier 25, i asked the sales woman for a larger dustbag. maybe you can go back and ask for a bigger dustbag so your speedy doesn't have to be folded.
  3. Yes, the creases will come out, don't worry! Just fill it and use it and they will disappear.
  4. You could stuff it with soft tshirts or something while you are not using it. But yes, they will come out. I would also try to get a bigger dustbag.
  5. First, welcome, and congrats on your purchase! The Damier Speedy 25 was my first, too.

    Just take your Speedy out of the bag, pop it into shape, and start using it. If you don't want to use it yet, you can stuff it with t-shirts or small clean towels until the creases disappear. It may help to put it someplace warm so the canvas softens up, but I wouldn't put it in direct sunlight or a hot car (it was 104 degrees here yesterday). The Damier could probably stand up to it just fine, but you don't want to take any chances with your new baby!
  6. They will come out when you use it :yes:
  7. Welcome to tPF and congrats on your first LV!:flowers: Stuff the bag with towels or something like that and leave it either outside on a hot day or by the window. Creases will disappear quicker when the canvas is warm.:idea:
  8. It will take a while but it will go away.
  9. Welcome to PF..

    Congrats on your new speedy..all the tips and tricks have been mentioned above..
  10. Hi mmac! Congratulations on your purchase. Don't worry, the creases will go away soon. I've had mine (Mono Speedy 30) for about six weeks now and they're still there, but well, I guess the creases look less obvious now.
  11. Hey thats awesome you got one! Congrats!

    Yeah not to worry as stated above - with usage the creases will come out!

    Not to worry, and congrats on your purchase! *yay* :smile:
  12. * Another happy Speedy owner*
    Congratulations & welcome to TPF!!
  13. Congrats and welcome!!

    A lovely first choice!

    And I agree with everyone on the dustbag, I would get a bigger one. I bought mine just a week ago and it came with a huge dustbag! But the SA did fold the bag before placing it in and the creases came right out once I started using it!
  14. Congrats! If it is your first, I say use the heck out of it and like everyone else said the creases will go away!
  15. Congrats on your 1st LV and may I say what a great choice:yes: Don't worry, the creases will go away and btw, welcome to the