I'm new - and 1st time LV too!

  1. Hey ladies (and gents, I guess?)

    I am new to this forum, and I think it's fantastic! I have 3 kids, and a weakness for designer handbags... sound like anyone out there? The kids (2 of them anyway) are back at school today, and I am a little bored... My faves are LV and D&B. Has anyone found the new Zippy Wallet in Epi Leather yet? I can't find a store in CN that has it in stock yet! ;)
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  3. you can call the 866 and ask them to locate one for you :yes:

    is it this one?
    zippy.jpg zippy2.jpg
  4. wow 8 visa's :wtf: i'd hate those bills.:cursing:

    cute wallet though, i didnt know that made that style.
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  9. here it is on elux
    Louis VuittonZippy Organizer Epi Noir$645.00
    Louis Vuitton's Zippy Organizer is a remarkable all-in-one accessory in the beautifully textured Epi leather, featuring a very large capacity and much functionality. Perfect for everyday use or for travel, the fine exterior unzips to twelve credit card slots, a zipped coin pocket, a flat bill pocket, and more.
    • Beautifully textured Epi leather
    • Golden shiny brass zipper
    • Twelve credit card slots
    • Zipped pocket for coins
    • Flat pocket for bills
    • Two large gusseted compartments for papers and passport
    • Checkbook or plane ticket holder
    • Pen holder fits LV agenda pen
    • LV signature etched at lower right-hand corner
    • 8.2" L x 4.5" H x 0.8" W

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. Yes - that is exactly the one. It was just launched on Friday... so it'll take a while before it gets into stores I suppose? (Harsh reality of Canadian living...)

    Does anyone own any LV pieces in Epi leather? My husband has had one for 7 months... it's weathered well, still looks brand new. I am harder on my purses/wallets. So I am wondering how it will stand the test of time... I plan to use it for life.

    Thanks for the welcome... it's nice to find a place to let my "shallow-self" find friends...! cheers ladies
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    I have an epi wallet (among other epi stuff) and I must say that it's holding up pretty well for something you use every day and it's inside your purse, rubbing against other things.
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