I'm never sad like this before

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  1. i've been dreaming for a Vuitton Epi Speedy 25 in Vanilla :love: and i know the color has been discontinued (which i do not understand :censor: why they discontinued :mad: such a beautiful color), there is no possibility to find it anywhere anymore...
    I have been on ebay for like days straight to find one... no hope :cry: :cry:
    I called Vuitton (just to kill time i guess) to see if they can even find anymore... i know i know, i'm crazy... nope... and they dont special order discontinue color either
    The reason today i feel soooo sad is because last night, i had a dream that i was wearing my brand new Epi Speedy in vanilla shopping around... i work up, jumped.. realized that was a dream :cry: :cry:

    i googled like crazy... now i'm even sadder, wahhh wahhh
  2. You should put out one of those Want It Now things on eBay -- you might flush out somebody who would be willing to sell for what you are willing to pay!
  3. :cry: :roflmfao:
  4. oh.. another thing... Jennifer at 1-866 Vuitton told me that in a few months,they are going to be introduce the new color similar to the Vanilla... which probably would meet my need...

    I WANT VANILLA THO... sob sob
  5. I will keep an eye out for you! Why not contact let-trade as well. They might have a client who wants to get rid of theirs.:idea:
  6. ***hugs*** i hate dreaming - esp. when it comes to bags on your want list... i think i'd rather be chased by a crazy man with a chainsaw in my dream and wake up feeling creeped out!!! ***hugs*** i know your LV bag will come to you one day!
  7. They do come up occasionally. LV seems to always discontinue the nicest items and nicest colors. Lilac epi, vanilla, now mandarin. Red vernis, fuchsia, bronze, I can go on!
  8. im not gonna go to sleep tonight..
  9. let-trade had one a few weeks ago (it was sold pretty fast... :sad:). They come from time to time, just keep watching. Good luck!
  10. Never give up hope! Your dream bag is out there somewhere!!! You will find it sooner or later (hopefully sooner)

  11. Dont' be sad, there's always hope. Best of luck on your hunt for your Vanilla Epi.
  12. i hope you find one soon.
  13. have anyone heard more information about the new epi color that is similar to the Vanilla? Well.. the girl at 1866 didnt tell me much... i just wanna know if anyone knows better that can describe the difference
  14. I think LV colors grows on us cause I remember when Mandarin and Liliac came out people were like "ewww" "yucky" thats so tacky....and now it grows on us.....so wait and see if anything else comes out and see if it grows on u.....dont be so upset over it...
  15. I'll keep an eye out for you.
    I'm sure one will pop up sooner or later.
    Make sure you save the search on Ebay so that you get notifications ASAP when something comes up