I'm never going back to high waisted jeans!

  1. I don't care what the fashionistas say. I'll wear my low waisted jeans until the day I die.
    Can I get an amen?
  2. I tried on a pair. looked cute on its own, but TERRIBLE on me. i looked like i was wearing diapers. staying far far away.
  3. AMEN!!! Im with you sister.
  4. lol I love that analogy with the diapers. :lol:
  5. Yuck! Who is making these accusations about high waisted jeans? NO WAY!
  6. Hear, hear!

    Keep your meddling ways away from my closet, Kate Moss.
  7. I with you on that!
  8. i'm also with you on this!

    amen to that! :P
  9. neither would i!
  10. you read my mind :yes:
  11. Amen!!
  12. Amen- but does it mean we have to shop everything we get now before we will only get those others..
  13. i totally agree, i find any jean over 7.5" rise quite uncomfortable and never found them flattering. I just can't get that "Mom jeans" picture out of my head.
  14. whats good for Marilyn is not good for Scarlett! I try like hell to keep my butt from looking this big! The high waisted look just sabotages everything! blah!

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