I'm never buying a suede bag again!

  1. So after a lot of deliberation, I bought a taupe suede Elisha. I knew that suede would be high maintenance, but promised myself that I would be very careful with the bag and baby it. I wore it for the first time this weekend and couldn't have been more careful. After wearing it all day, I came home and set it on the table and my husband asked "what happened to your bag?" I look and there is is a dark blue stain across the bottom part of the back of the bag from my jeans. I am so annoyed! I carried it one day! :cursing: I didn't even think about this being a risk because my jeans have never marked anything else up. I was so worried about a number of things damaging the bag, but I never even thought about my own clothes. I had been debating between the taupe suede and the pewter Elisha on NM's website and now I'm wishing I had stayed away from suede. Does anyone know if a suede cleaning kit would be able to remove this, or am I out of luck?
  2. Did you buy it at NM? If you did maybe they will take it back. I am so sorry to hear that. A taupe suede Devin just came up on eBay but you have answered my question about getting a suede bag. I hope you can send it back or get it out. I am of no help on how to get it out but some of the other girls probably will be.
  3. Oh! So sorry this happend :sad:
  4. OH NO!!! I'm so sorry to hear that this happened.

    I would definitely contact NM about a refund on your bag. I don't have much experience with suede though, so unfortunately I can't recommend what you should use to clean it with... hopefully someone here can help you though.

    Good luck!
  5. I'm sorry. That's really disappointing, especially since it was the first time you used it.
  6. I would definitely take your Elisha back to NMs. It's unacceptable if you can't wear a taupe suede Elisha with jeans or dark colors. It makes the bag totally impractical. I'm sure NMs will refund you.
  7. I actually got it from Active Endeavors and not NM. I guess that I will try contacting them. I knew that suede wasn't practical, but loved the look of this bag with the contrasting trim. I've learned my lesson about suede!
  8. As a last resort, why not try Lovinmybags? Barbara may be able to do something about it.
  9. That's also a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Lovinmybags IS wonderful - so let us know what happens, but in the future, I would stay away from suede. I can't stand the stuff myself, but black would be easier if you had to choose a suede bag....
    That was the problem with the ivory leathers apparently - there was a lot of jean rub-off issues. My jeans have never rubbed off onto anything! Weird.
  11. wow...im SO sorry! I would def try lovin my bags if u cant return it...hope everything works out!
  12. Suede is always tricky, but I love it! Good luck with getting the bag cleaned...
  13. I do love suede but it's not for the rainy climate I live in. I just can't own it. And, I need to keep repeating that to myself over and over and over. . . they are so pretty.