im nervous now....

  1. Maybe some of you remember me asking in another thread how to get a birkin considering i have never purchased anything from Hermes before don't have a SA and im not interested in getting anything but a birkin...anywho....

    I mentioned that to a friend and was told they will see what they could do for me that was on saturday and i just got a call from a Manager they left me a message and sound very very im scared that it's to tell me they have a bag...
    the most i have paid for a bag was 3k and to be honest im scared to take that step to pay for a birkin....:sweatdrop:

    i haven't called back because im a little chicken:shame: of course if they offer me one i have to take it so thats why i need help
    any pushers around??
    Tell me how i can use it now and when im 60 and that it's really worth it :rolleyes:

    knees shaking
  2. oh just do it...its worth it. you will probably end up selling other bags to help pay for it.

    I felt the same way...but I did it and never looked back. couldn't be happier!
  3. call call call and report back!!!
  4. Not only will you have it around when you're 60, you'll be able to hand it down to your daughter.
  5. How exciting!! Call the Manager back!!
  6. Call them back!! You have nothing to lose. Besides, Birkins go really quick. At the very least you'll be getting more information about it so you can make an informed decision on whether you will purchase it or not.

    You're really lucky you have a nice friend who hooked you up...Don't let her down by not calling!
  7. definitly call back .. no matter what, it is the ONLY polite thing to do, turn them down if it isnt the bag you want..
  8. how very exciting, call back and if you like it, that is great, if you don't, then you can politely decline. you are not forced to buy it. good luck!
  9. Call Back and then, Report Back!
  10. I am interested to hear what you are offered. Please call.
  11. How exciting. Take a deep breath and call. If you are not sure, tell them you will think it over for 10 minutes or so and call back with your decision.
  12. im going to call...i will def report back:okay: thanks ladies
  13. agree, call and find out. i hope it's a bag to your specifications. for that much money, you should get EXACTLY what you want.
  14. Yes, it's only polite to call back .. and if your bank account allows .. just take the plunge ... you can absolutely never go wrong buying a Birkin!
  15. when are you going to call?!?!?!