I'm Nervous About Flying Alone......

  1. I've done it quite a few times before but now I'll be leaving some of my kids behind to go visit my other kids who live on the East coast. Any advice on how to lighten up during the plane ride and not think about bad things????
  2. Some fun magazines, a book, i-pod, and a napy. Have fun!
  3. Im sorry, I CANNOT help you in this area. I used to be just fine flying...but now, I turn into a terrible mess when it comes time to fly. How about having a drink or two? If you dont drink...maybe some drugs lmao just kidding...but maybe a half of a sleeping pill or something?? other then that...just dont think bad thoughts, I always tell myself it is more dangerous to drive in a car then it is to fly in a plane!
  4. oh, you'll be fine. Carry some magazines, books, ipod and there's always the inflight movies. think positively. And yesh, it's safer to be on a plane than in a car. Good luck!!
  5. I understand- I HATE flying and especially hate flying alone... I always buy a bunch of magazines and take them with on the plane to read.
  6. I totally sympathize!
  7. Thanks. I will stock up on mags since it is a long flight cross country and leaves early in the morning so I will be wide awake the whole flight. Apparently thunder storms are expected when I arrive so now I'll have the turbulance factor as well...ugh!
  8. Some people take Xanax when they fly to calm their nerves so that could help.
  9. love flying on my own - have to fly on wed with my 13 month old - wanna swap???? :graucho: - you definitely wouldnt have time to think.

    i also recommend not sleeping the night b4 - you will fall asleep asap and not worry at all - i am a last minute packer so usually dont sleep more than 3 hrs b4 the flight- when i fly alone that is perfect
  10. Do you like to be reminded of home or not? I know it sounds odd, but i love smells. You should see my perfume collection 20+, and always donating 70%-90% full ones to friends. I love the smells of my family members, esp. mum! (and stroking her fingers and hands, they are so mum like! you can't describe it! well i cant take that with me lol) so I take their pillowcases with me when i go away I sniff it and remember them. I can tell their all their smells so easily, (sadly even gasses! from both ends!) thats better than photos but I love it! Ok I've just realized what a freak i am!
  11. I have had kids for longer than many of the people on this board have been alive. I would relish the solitude of being alone (even on a crowded plane). If anxiety is a prob there are meds for that. Take advantage of modern medicine. I would make sure I had seat assignments prior to departure so that you will not be bumped. I hope all goes well and you enjoy the kids on the other coast! Take the latest People mag, a hot novel and relax...enjoy.
  12. i actually like flying alone more haha. My usual airline aways has a ton of movies that you can play whenever you want which helps alot. I recommend a book, ipod, staying up for over 24 hours before the flight so you crash as soon as you sit on the plane (i do if its a long flight because being that tired is the only way i will sleep), laptop if they have inflight internet.
  13. I love flying alone ... especially international. You usually get a seat by the door, so you can be up and out before most of the people are even unbuckled.

    Good luck!
  14. I used to fly alone all the time. I prefer it cause then you have total freedom and don't have to wait for anyone! I flew so much that it became like riding a bus. There are bumps and dips in turbulence that used to scare the crap out of me but now they actually rock me to sleep! It helped once that I sat next to a pilot that explained every sound I heard as well as taught me about what goes on during take off and landing. When the mystery about whats going on is gone, you feel more confident. Just remember how many millions of people fly every day. It is safe and the pilots have seen it all. Many have come from the military and can get out of alot of jams. Enjoy your flight - watch the movie, read, make friends with the person next to you (if they want to talk), have a glass of wine.
  15. Chat up the person you're sitting next to (unless he/she looks like a total creep).
    Buy a bunch of magazines before you board on.
    Watch all the in-flight movies.
    Or you could just sleep. That always works too lol.
    I enjoy getting to know the person next to me. Once, I met a lady who used to model for Gucci and Moschino when she was younger! She had all these great stories to tell.
    I hope you have a good flight!