I'm needing to talk and cry a little......Im loosing my best friend.

  1. Hi everyone,
    for those of you who remember me posting about my very best friend Carolyn and her fight with breast cancer.......well.........Im not sure how much longer the fight will be.
    A year and a half ago she had her right breast removed and 2 lymph nodes along with a year and a half of chemo and a long bout of radiation. It seemed like a miracle when she called me to let me know she was FINALLY cancer free. 1 month later another lump in her right breast was found, yes, more cancer.......so a second mastecomy, chemo and radiation. Its now in her bones more lymph glands and her oncologist believes more than likely in her lungs. Im having the hardest time ever. I've already lost my mom and dad and now my very best friend.
    Thanks everyone for letting me shed a tear or two here.
  2. All I can say is I'm so sorry to the both of you & keep supporting each other. :crybaby:
  3. I don't really know what to say except that my thoughts are with you. This must be an extremely difficult time for both you and her.
  4. ((((Big Hugg)))).

    Im so sorry this is happening to you. :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  5. I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you and your friend. :heart:
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this, I wish your friend nothing but the best and comfort for you too.
  7. I'm so sorry! I cannot even imagine. All I can say is just be there for your friend - it is hard watching her health deteriorate, but know that she needs you during this time. Cherish every second that you are with her. I'm so sorry...
  8. Don't lose faith!

    A couple of months ago, my dad's health was looking badly from advanced prostate cancer that had spread to the bones. He had lost so much weight, and he was anemic, - climbing stairs made him lose his breath. And the hormone therapy injections were no longer helping him at all.

    But his oncologist referred him to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and this is where he had several blood transfusions, and now he is undergoing chemotherapy.

    I'm really glad to say, he is looking a lot better, and his PSA levels dropped immensely. I've been praying for this moment to finally come! Good things do happen, you just can't lose faith. Be there for your friend, and try to keep her happy.

    My regards to you and your friend. Thoughts, prayers, and *hugs*.
  9. Oh! So very, very sorry. My thoughts & prayers are w/ you both.
  10. I can relate somewhat, my husband had tonsil cancer 6 yrs ago. He is okay now (knock on wood) but the return of the cancer is always on our minds...

    I am so sorry about your friend, after going through the loss of your parents this seems so very unfair.

    Take care, your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. I'm so sorry! Sending hugs and good thoughts to you and your best friend!
  12. This must be the hardest thing in the world (aside from mom and dad) please try to stay positive and keep praying and sometimes miracles do happen. Just try to spend as much time with her as possible and cherish every moment and be glad she has a very good friend around her.
  13. I'm sorry to hear your story, just try to keep both your spirits up I know it's hard but people seem to down hill faster when they are depressed, just make the most of all the time you have maybe make a list of all the things she'd love to do and go crazy take lots of pics and make scrap books photo albums etc!
  14. Aw girl I am sooooo sorry :sad: it is so hard to watch someone go thru cancer, one of my bests friends mother's has cancer and she lives on my block and has been like a 2nd mom to me as I've grown up :sad: she has been fighting for 7 or so years and it gets better then worse and also spread from her breasts and now has made it to her brain :sad: she is having brain radiation now and its so hard to see her in this place she's very thin and sort of forgetful but she has heart like no one else I know!!! :smile: she is a fighter and will not let this ruin her and she is determined to be happy throughout and I am sure your friend is the same I am sure she is so strong and will fight this with everything she has and all we can do is be loving and caring and as happy as possible because if these people we love only have a limited amt of time on this earth left they should live it smiling and with the people who make them smile and I am sure your best friend is so happy to have you by her side and caring with all of your heart!!!! I am so sorry :sad: just keep strong and don't give up hope
  15. I am so sorry for your friend and for you. Breast cancer is such a devastating disease. My thoughts are with you & your friend.