I'm needing a Tano SexBomb & a Boogie..

  1. which colors? such decisions lol
    Any advice on the best sites to buy them?
    thanks :smile:
  2. Wait until the spring bags come out in a few weeks. Both of these styles have been sold out for quite some time.
    You might do a google search and find some stragglers around and about...it takes lots and lots of tenacity IMO.
  3. thanks! Im trying to shop late at night so I can spend some time searching around...can't do that during the day with the kids awake
  4. I did find this! Only this color so far though and only ONE left!:


    and there are a few Sex Bombs still available at


    Like I mentioned, it's best if you just hang on just a few weeks - go to www.musthavebag.com to check out all the new and upcoming styles....
  5. Is that apricot? Do you think its a good representation of the color?
  6. I have no clue on apricot. I wonder if that's a new color for spring.
    I'm telling you seriously - www.musthavebag.com!!!! :yes::tup::heart:
  7. I'm waiting for the spring colors too - the Pool looks like it will be TDF!
  8. Musthavebag.com is the place to go for new stuff, but Luna Boston has a few for pre-order, too, and a lot on sale (and you can use the code "grechen" for another 20% off)!
  9. Just sit tight and wait for www.musthavebag.com to get in their Spring stuff!!!! And the new colors are divine. :yes:
  10. Where do you type in the code...I cant find a spot lol
  11. ^When you go to checkout, there will be a box above the checkout button that says "Have a Discount Code?"
  12. the only thing above the "place order" button is the box for CC info...no space for code...am I doing something wrong?lol
  13. ^^

    You could just place your order, email Luna Boston and have them refund you.
  14. Hmm...are you trying to use the code at lunaboston.com? Because that's where it's valid. I don't think musthavbag.com offers codes (though I know Alex does give tPFers a discount if you email her through the store).
  15. Yes, Im an idiot lol...I only half of the previous post and was trying to use the Luna code at MustHave....I think my kids are getting to me lol..sorry!