I'm Naughty........I'm creating an LV addict

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  1. So I live in a country with no LV, my nearest one is New Zealand. My friend here loves my LV collection. She started her own with a Mono Alma about 18 months ago......now when I see new things, I encourage her to buy them.......heheheh.

    Last week she bought a Eugenie wallet and today I am ordering her Tahitienne PM in Pink - such a great price. My SA will ship overseas to me so I don't even pay taxes!!!

    Am I being naughty when I encourage her to buy things....its fun! Don't feel too bad, she can afford it!!

    Anyway I buy things too. My latest was a Mono Toilette Bag.

    The week before that I got a new Sony Vaio, so guess what I just HAD TO HAVE!!!!!!

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  2. Wow! Congrats! Love Damier!
  3. Wow! The laptop case is :supacool: great. And there's nothing wrong with being an enabler. I encourage my friends to buy things I think will look good on them too. You're just a good friend who likes to see your friends happy and with nice things.
  4. Congrats, love the Damier print! I don't think you're bad. I think it's fun sharing with your friends what you think they should or shouldn't get. In the end it's up to them to make their own decisions anyway.
  5. You most certainly are naughty! Shame on you!
  6. Yes I agree, but it is a bit naughty. We use my credit card so her DH doesnt see.
  7. Love love love it!

  8. Why Thank-you!!;)
  9. No way.. nothing wrong with enabling.. :graucho:

    After all.. shallow obsessing strong encouraged !
  10. Beautiful! Congrats and shame on you!!
  11. Wow, very nice ... congrats!
  12. love the damier!!!!!
  13. more modelling pics please.:yahoo:
  14. Shame on you! :biggrin:

    Very nice Damier bag and I'm in LoVe with the Tahitiennes... I think that bag is so pretty! Congrats to you and your friend!
  15. I like your style LV Luke...great enabling..cool with the credit card. Isn't "Life Lovin' LV" great!!! :woohoo: