I'm much too indecisive...I want it all!

  1. I need a nice everyday bag for fall. I'm thinking maybe a Birkin, not only because I absolutley love them, but because I could hold some notebooks in it for school. I really want a paddington too though, but I doubt my mom would let me buy both. I'm so bad at making decissions.
  2. hi and welcome to this forum :P
    i would go for birkin, it's more long lasting, i think paddy is very seasonal bag, it's been put on sales at some places now.
    birkin is always classic
  3. Not to sound judgemental or anything, but do you really think carrying a Birkin just to hold school notebooks is a good idea? I think this might draw attention to yourself that you may not want, also it could get stolen or damaged. I would be heartbroken if any of my purses was stolen, and I couldn't imagine a Birkin being stolen, I think I'd have a heartattack. Just don't want that to happen to you :flowers:
  4. Choosing between the two bags is like apples and oranges- the Paddy is easy to obtain and under $2K and the Birkin is at least $6K and very, very hard to obtain (you will need three things: money, paitience, and an ongoing relationship with an Hermes SA from whom you purchase many other things- ex. wallets, scarves, shoes, ready-to-wear, etc.)
  5. I have 2 paddys now and am still waiting for my birkin. But I have to say for your age and for ease of carrying things, I would suggest a Paddy. They are incredibly easy to wear because they fit over the shoulder and can fit a ton of stuff.

    A birkin is a dream bag, something that you will have forever, long after today's hot bags are gone. But like ValleyOppressed said, they are very difficult to obtain and are not the easiest to carry either. Loading a birkin up with a ton of books and school supplies will make the bag very heavy, and remember, a birkin is not worn over the shoulder but is hand-held or worn on the crook of the arm.

    So it really comes down to what you really want this bag for and whether you will be comfortable carrying a hand-held bag vs. a shoulder bag. Either way, you will be one of the most stylish people around!
  6. Yeah I'd go with the Paddy..the Birkin wouldn't be too great of an idea for school. I even have trouble sometimes carrying my LV or Chanels to school because of the atmosphere.
    And I wouldn't suggest overloading a Birkin at ALL..it's not meant to be a tote bag.
    So I'd get the Paddy for now.
  7. chloe has a cool paddy tote out right now that would be a perfect fit for books.
  8. I would never use a birkin for school books! That and by the time I actually ever get one I'll be out of school.

    I'd say go with the paddington