I'm Moving To Sf!

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  1. Hi everyone.. I'm moving to San Francisco this weekend and will be living right by Union Square.. anyone have any tips or pointers on where to dine and do grocery shopping, etc... also any other helpful hints on lifestyle would be great since the weather is MUCH cooler than it is here in LA

  2. Never been there!! But is sounds so exciting!!!
  3. Omigosh, yes! I have lots of ideas for you.
  4. :huh:oh, you must be from the city! i can't wait to here all your tips!
  5. The Haight on Ashbury Is a fantastic land mark and has wonderful restaurants.

    Good Luck !!
  6. Grocery shopping near Union Square... there is a Safeway down in the financial district north of Embarcadero Center, and if you go South of Market there is a Trader Joes and a Whole Foods. I'm sure there are also numerous smaller local markets. There's a Cala Foods on California and Hyde, as well.

    As far as dining, well there are many, many restaurants of every kind and every budget. Pick up a copy of the San Francisco Zagat's.

    Maybe it's because I have lived in the city for eight years, but one of the parts of town I actually AVOID is the Haight-Ashbury. It is crowded, dirty, overtouristed, and overrated. There are many MANY other neighborhoods in SF that offer fantastic shopping and food without the drawbacks of Haight St. Just my opinion.
  7. Hey girl! You will love it here! It's pretty mellow. It's hard to point out where the good places are to dine because there are tons of good restaurants here!!! A good neighborhood will be at Northbeach. That's my hangout spot. I absolutely love shopping at Fillmore, Union St., the Pacific Heights area. Every neighborhood here has something to offer. I love it :love: As far as night life you won't have a problem because there's always something going on in the city...

    Let me know if you need a shopping buddy. I would love to show you around the city :P
  8. Fillmore Street and Union Square are two of my favorite places to shop, as well as Noe Valley's 24th Street, the Castro, and even the Inner Sunset has a few cute shops and a ton of great restaurants (the best sushi restaurant in SF is in the Inner Sunset).
  9. Yup, I'm from the Sunset... I also love Haight :love:
  10. Really? I live in the Inner Sunset too.

    I'm sure it's probably just me being claustrophobic but Haight Street just annoys me so much. And it's not that I don't love Amoeba or Ambiance or some of the other shops, I just don't like the teeny tiny narrow sidewalks infested with spare changing homeless people and hippies. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. ;)
  11. Thanks everyone..! I'm so excited for the shopping and living on my own for the first time!
  12. Ha! :biggrin: What a small world!!! ...