I'm moving to Florida!!

  1. I got my own apartment in South Florida!

    Anyone in the Broward area?

    I'm really busy, but I do mean to come back more and chat, it's just hard since I'm OFF purses. (Still love them!!) But now I make them, so that's nice. :smile: (Right now I'm hankering for cashmere yarn to knit scarves though, but I digress.)

    I'm going down Sept. 29th!

    This is like the BEST time of my life! I'm super thrilled! I'm LIVING ON MY OWN! MOVING OUT! I'm all adult and approved by society (financial-wise ha ha) and doin' it my way, and oh! Will I do it MY WAY! Woohoo!!!

    Unfortunately I have to move away from my baby doggie (Bichon named Charlotte). She must stay with my parents.

    But when I'm ready, I'm thinking of getting an additional baby doggie: a Chihuahua. She or he'd be all mine and raised better. I need a dog who's good in an apartment, and Bichons have potty problems - he he. It'd be a short-haired Chihuahua and if it's a prob, I'd just vacuum the shed hair.

    Anyway, that's for later. In just under two weeks, it's all about meee bayyybayyyy. Yay!