1. Hey guys... I havent been on here in a while. Ive been really busy lately, and i just found out that im moving to columbia, MO. Im 15 and a sophmore in high school. (i move on october 28th) Im really nervous about moving....dont get me wrong, im PUMPED!..but still really scared. Ive been at my school in new orleans since prek (except for the 4 months after katrina)...its a relatively small private school. all the girls wear designer clothes, and most kids drive bmws and mercdes. columbia is the total oppopsite from what i am used to in like everyway possible. my class in nola has 95 kids, my class in MO has 600 (its public).i dont know what to expect on the first day of school or anything...anyone have any tips/pointers for me?

    *when i say columbia is the total opposite, i dont mean that as a bad thing, its just different, thats all*

  2. It's fun moving to a different state and seeing new things. Don't be worried about the first day of school. After like the first week, people will come to you and be friends with you. I have moved from town to town, state to state in the past when I was younger, and I was always worried about making friends and what to expect, but in no time I knew alot of people. When I graduated from 8th grade, I went from a private school to a public high school, and it really isn't much different except you don't have to wear uniforms and you can wear makeup, etc. Just be confident and have fun! Best of luck!
  3. Your profile says you're 21, so I don't understand.

    Regardless, it's a serious question. Is there something you are active in with your current school? Like band, athletics, etc.? Getting involved in something you are good at and like to do would help. No doubt that the first weeks will be hard, but you probably won't be the only new student in a school that size. Maybe the high school has some program to help the kids who transfer in.

    Good luck.