I'm moving AGAIN...emotional

  1. I just dont understand why I am so emotional over this because I thought I was happy but here goes...

    I am moving to DC in like 3 weeks which is soooo crazy since I am THE BIGGEST planner in the world:nuts:
    I think I could literally plan other peoples lives I'm that meticulous which is why I feel emotional and frazzled.

    I don't know if I am upset with Moving because I am from DC so all of my family is there and its would be great to have help with my 2 year old daughter...I mean DH and I haven't been on a date since she was born:wtf:

    I just feel like my life is being uprooted and while my hubby has a wonderful oportunity in an amazing position that hundreds of people applied for it just seems so sudden. I feel like our lifestyle is gonna change too much.

    I guess I am just really sad that after buying a wonderful home and being really comfy that its just being uprooted to this fast paced environment and hubby and I will lose some of our quality time together.

    Money to me is not a care as our income will more than double and we plan to rent for a year until we get situated.

    Also I think my biggest issue is a school for my daughter... I am soo happy with our current montessori and in DC its soo cut throat I mean there are 2 year waiting lists and tuitions of 27k for 2 year olds:hysteric: She obviously won't be going to that one LOL but the bright side is I will be able to take some time and go to the schools and get a feel for them to place her properly.

    I think thats it but it sure felt good to get that out!
  2. I know how you feel. Granted I don't have children nor am I married but I can relate. I just moved from my hometown to a complete culture shock and I didn't think it would be this hard on me. I just wrote a thread on it and then I saw this. I hope it all works out for you and try not to stress about the planning! I'm a crazy planner myself so I know how it can make you feel to not be able to plan like you need. Just go with the flow, thats probably the simple way to put it. Good luck!
  3. oh no!!! I haven't even got to meet you in person yet and you're leaving!?:hysteric:

    :shame: I'm sorry, my selfishness isn't helping you is it?:lol:

    Seriously, we sort of move a lot and it wasn't until after it involved my kids that it really started bothering me more. It is a BIG deal even if it's something you want. Hang in there girl!
  4. Thanks girls!

    Dh and I talked and I will be staying here until January 10th or so.... We basicaly decided that I would go and ahead and get our house rented and everything and then get everything situated while he gets us a place in DC. That way I can get my Daughter in a good school AFTER the new year.

    Sooo.... swanky meet me at Neimans end of November or 1st week in december and we will totally have fun or we can meet at the galleria lol and I can go buy shoes at the gucci sale or we can do both!!! I'll bring my little one and we can make an afternoon of it!
  5. You're on! I'm dying to see that gorgeous baby in your avatar!
    I can bring my DD, she ADORES the littler ones :biggrin:
  6. Aww thanks :love:

    I'll PM you as we get a little closer to the date!