I'm more in love with my Paddy than ANY bag!!!

  1. I realized I just love my Paddy more than I've ever loved any bag (well, probably not more than the original love for my first designer [Coach] bag but that faded)!

    I'm sure it will last past taking it out a bunch. I'm so excited for bringing her out. .. I'll probably wear it out for a long while; exclusively or almost! (I hope I give some chances to other bags, man I need to go out a lot, but it's cooooooold and I'll have school a lot starting next week).

    And I think it will probably last THIS TIME, with THIS bag, past me getting new designer bags ... I'm hunting for a few, and I might even get a Large Edith Satchel soon!

    I just needed to come announce this, because the feeling's so strong. ;);) And I knew you girls would like to hear this. Anyone feel the same (and about which Paddy or Chloe')?

    Here she is, by the way!!

  2. That is the best! I love hearing this kind of excitement! I felt the same way once I got my paddy! And I still do months later. It is by far one of my most favorite bags ever, and i just never get bored wearing her!

    Your Paddy is just Gorgeous! Just enjoy and wear her in the best of health!!!
  3. True love :tender:
  4. Me Too! :yes:
  5. I know exactly what you mean. I have been using my Taupe paddy for ages now, and thought it would be good to swop her over, so I got my Red Paddy out, and my new Blue Betty, and its too hard to choose which one I want to use. I had a meeting earlier in the week so I opted to use my Fendi B bag, and I got a new wallet to match ;), and I adore that, but I am already thinking of my Chloes again ;)

    Putting them back in the dustbag is despressing, these babies need to be used lol :biggrin:

    piccies for ya here!

  6. That Prada wallet is cute :yes:
  7. I know exactly how you feel. I have almost exclusively collected Louis Vuitton and got my first paddy a week ago. I am really loving it. Its also helped me out of my LV tunnel vision. I am already planning my next Paddy buy. I think it will be a Blue Nuit!!!!
  8. I can totally understand it!! When I first got my Paddie last February I couldn't keep my hands of it and I wore it day in day out.
    I just sold it and brought the package to the post- office ealier today and this is this first bag I really, really regret selling. I feel sick to my stomach right now even though I haven't used it for the last couple of months.
    Congrats on your wonderful new bag!!
    I'll replace my sold one in the next summer sale.
  9. I can totally understand this too - once my BF said why dont I sell some of my paddys and buy some other styles/brands but I dont want to as I love paddingtons the most :love: Ok, maybe I could consider selling one and buying silverado or some other chloe style to replace it but other brands arent doing me what chloe does:kiss:

    Gorgeous paddington, Designerella! It's no wonder you're in love:heart:

    Chloe-babe - your blue betty is such an eye-candy, makes me want one betty too!:girlsigh:
  10. That B. Fendi is gorgeous!! (Sorry to take away from Chloeness)

    Tanja, wahhhhhh. :crybaby:I've been sleeping with my Paddy in my bed next to me, even. :shame:

    I'm taking her OUT tomorrow. And probably Saturday. :love: