I'm missing my kelly cuff!

  1. I dont remember for sure but i think i remember taking my cuff with me for the summer. I faintly remember removing it to give the kids a bath and can't for the life of me find it. The summer is almost over and no cuff. Any idea of where i can look? I;m all out of ideas.

    I still can't find my H belt from last fall. If i lose this cuff im sure there is an Hermes curse on me. I NEVER lose things. Well, gloves-- but everyone loses gloves.
  2. Hope you find the cuff. I hate losing things. Read somewhere that the frustration of losing something is much greater that they joy of acquiring it. Something can take on mythic proportions once it is lost.

    Could it be in a handbag?
  3. Did you look under the bath?
    or in the cupboards?

    am so sorry to hear this I remember when I lost an antique gold bracelet ( well I think a friends young teenage daughter took it which makes it worse)

    It still to this day bothers me

    Hope it turns up soon now
  4. I took my watch off to bath the children on holiday once and I put it on top of the bathroom cabinet - found it the next morning. Look high :tup: usually when dealing with little poeple we put things up ^.

    Hope you find it :flowers:
  5. Hope you find it too. Great advice Handybags... I'm still looking for my H. belt, I know it is IN the house but where.....
  6. Hope you find your cuff. I had miss placed a piece of once. It will pop up when you least expect it.
  7. look where it shouldn't be -- i'm always finding lost things in the fridge and the linen closet. (blush)

    have you talked with st. anthony? he always finds things for me eventually.
  8. Hope you find it soon! :heart:
  9. I found it. I found it.

    What should i buy now that i don't need to replace it. BTW it's a raisin thick kelly cuff.
  10. Denial, you must tell us where you found that elusive cuff?
  11. How funny is this: My husband was packing up the beach house and found it in my younger daughter's snap-n-go. She has grown so much over the summer that we don't use it any more.

  12. I am soooo happy you found it. It always makes your day so much brighter when you find something that you lost. Now you summer will end on a even higher note.
  13. Denial, what great news. :yahoo:

    Since you have a growing daughter, I recommend the CDC cuff. They have special powers that make the wearer feel like she (or he) can kick *ss. You might need these powers as your daughter turns teen on ya.

    Just dont let her wear it when she is a teen....trust me, I know what I am talking about......

    P.S. What is a snap and go??? I want to get one for S'mom.
  14. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Yeah Denial - so glad you found it.

    So much for my ^look up theory :rolleyes:

    Just glad you got it back :tup: