I'm missing a FUN bbag!

  1. I'm not one to have tons of bbags, I just want a few that will get regular rotation where nothing goes neglected for too long. I bought my first 2 bbags in 2 months....that was 9 months ago!!!

    Ever since then I've struggled internally to figure out what the best color/style would be good for bbag #3. Well, I was reading a post by verty that summarized exactly what I think I need to be looking for - I need a dark bag, neutral bag, and a FUN bag.

    Dark bag - black City - CHECK
    Neutral bag -camel Part Time - CHECK
    FUN bag?????

    I had my eyes on getting a Work but maybe it's time I had a First for small errands, nights out. My wardrobe is a lot of white, grey, black, beige, purples, jeans, tshirts, not preppy at all, more edgy. I don't wear bright colors so was a bit afraid of a bright bag but maybe I'll like it? What do you think?

    What First should I get? I have 2 ideas in mind but wanna hear what you guys think first. Please only suggest currently/soon available colors I can buy new, no ebaying please. TIA!!!
  2. My wardrobe colors are similiar to yours and I bought a Rouge Vif First for my first FUN bag. I love IT!!

    I would get a Red or the new Violet or Yellow that are coming for Fall.
  3. ...or Magenta City w/RH if you're game for that... ;)
  4. I agree with the Magenta idea...Or how about a new SS 08 Bubblegum First RH???
  5. I'd like to suggest WHITE :yes: Clean and modern...
  6. :confused1:
    Are you sure about no bags from past seasons? I fell in love with Balenciaga bags in August of 06, and unfortunately I went crazy for the vibrant bags from 05. After buying 22 bags in 10 months, , then selling the ones that I didn't put to use (like you I won't keep bags if they are just sitting unused in my closet), I now have a perfect selection of bags for my tastes and needs. I am super picky about my bags, and I have always bought bags in mint or brand new condition. My top 3 favs in order of favorite first are Bubblegum Pink, Magenta, and 05 Turquoise. My 04 Light Turquoise First and Metallic Pink Rose Box follow close behind these. With patience mint bags do come along sooner or later.
    If I am unable to persuade you to seek out one of these beauties from past seasons, I would suggest one or all of the following....call Balenciaga to see if they still have any limited edition Magenta City's available, call the department stores in search of a Vert Gazon or French Blue, get on the waitlist for a Grape First, or hold out until the S/S 08 collection comes out, and hopefully the rumors of Bubblegum Pink, Magenta, Electric Blue, and Sky Blue will prove true. Nobody does vibrant leather bags like Balenciaga, and you will be surprised out how versatile these colors really are. As for a new style to add to your collection, your are absolutely right about the First. It is super cute, it's great for errands and evenings out, and they actually carry more than you would think. I used to be a gal that had 3 bags for all year, one white, one black, and one brown. Since I discovered these lucious Balenciaga colors, I don't think I could ever go back to those dull colors again. Good luck, and keep us posted on what you choose!

  7. I agree with Fiatflux and Deana... definitely try the brights... magenta or violet maybe?
  8. OMG Deana your bags are soooooo pretty!!
    So neat too! haha

    I suggest red! I've been in love w/ the red color for a while :p
  9. I also think magenta would be great with your wardrobe colors. Or maybe the french blue or turquoise.

    That said, my only non-neutral bag (Gucci, not Balenciaga) is a grass green, sort of like the pics I've seen of vert gazon. It's surprisingly wearable with all sorts of colors.
  10. LOL.. hi bal newbie :welcome:

    My 'fun' bag is my little Vert D'eau First :love: I love that little bag. I understand why you'd want to stay away from eBay - it makes me nervous. However, there are places like realdealcollection.com and annsfabulousfinds.com where you can check out authentic "retired" bags :yes:

    Even for "fun" colored bbags I still like to get something that'll go with alot of colors. I'd probably rec' Jaune.. but I don't think it's coming out till Sept or Oct (??). I can't think of any colors from this current season that are bright :confused1: I think they're all pretty neutral...

    There are some brighter colors from the s/s season that are probably still available that are fun: aquamarine, vert d'eau, french blue...
  11. WELL, Deana, I'm definitely not averse to older colors, I crave so many of them but I am averse to used bags, I haven't tried buying them on eBay and prefer not to try. I am not patient enough to wait around for a brand new old color and the premium I'd have to pay for it.

    Having said that, I would loooooove a Box, I would love 05 or 04 turquoise, I'm not a bubblegum pink fan, and I'm not sure if magenta is too bright for me. I would have to try it on first. I am thinking about that new violet coming soon but wonder just what shade it is, hard to see from pics with these chameleon colors! Um, the new yellow might be nice.

    I was considering tomato or ocean? How do you feel about ocean compared to, say, an older turquoise. I don't think I like the current turquoisy color - too much green in it? Then again, it's so hard to really judge these colors by photos alone, must see IRL to truly judge. I might be going up to BalNY in about a month so we'll see if I still can't decide until then!!
  12. i would suggest a tomato or a rouge vif. i dont' think ocean is quite your taste. if you could get your hands on an anthra first, that would be cool, but maybe a little too close to the dark neutral tones that you already have...

    if red isn't your thing, my vote would be for the violet or jaune in the first size - it's fun and versatile without being too much to cart around.
  13. I absolutely love my Ocean, but it's darker IRL than what it looks like in photo's [or at least mine is]. I wouldn't really consider it a fun, bright color. It's more dark neutral.. I wear my Ocean how I would a black bag.
  14. ^^ hmm, good to know verty. I agree with your suggestions jewelqueen and nicole2730. Tomato, violet and maybe jaune are my top picks so far. i think you're right, I'm not really a blue bag kinda girl, I don't think anyway. Red, it sure is bright, but I might like it against my winter uniform - lots of grey and black!!
  15. :yes:
    You are absolutely correct, Bal colors are very hard to come out accurately in photos. I am huge fan of the Box but it was only out a short while before it was discontinued. I am heartbroken and confused as to why they took this great style away! It came out in the 05 F/W collection and was discontinued after the 06 S/S collection. I have two brand new ones I bought on ebay for excellent prices. But you have every right to choose where and how you want to buy your bags. I am a crazy anal person when it comes to my bags, so I understand completely. And your right, to find the perfect bag in new condition on ebay is very time consuming.
    I have not seen Ocean in person and have not made a braided accessory for anyone's Ocean bag, to have an opinion on it. It is a great way for me to compare colors with tassels when I get tassels from gals to match the accessory to their bag, and I try to get photos of similar colors together for future referance. You may be in luck when you make it to Bal, and be able to see Ocean, Tomato, Grape, and Jaune while there. I would say that anyone of those colors would be a good "fun" color to have. I am personally hoping Grape is a brighter purple than Eggplant. If you end up not liking what you see at Bal then, hopefully something in the S/S 08 colors will work for you. Generally speaking the S/S collections usually have the brighter-fun colors to choose from.