"I'm Married To A..." - VH1 show

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    Has anyone else heard of this show? I was looking for info on something else at the VH1 website and stumbled upon the Pilot episode.

    I don't want to spoil it for anyone but the show focuses on how very different people get married and what those differences may mean. I guess its a literal look at the 'new normal' in relationships.

    Here's the Pilot episode - http://www.vh1.com/video/im-married-to-a/full-episodes/pilot/1695824/playlist.jhtml

    One couple is a normal sized woman and a small man - not that surprising, there have been shows about this in the past.

    The second couple, well, that's the one that will definitely get people talking. The wife works in a bake shop and the husband is a "gay porn star".

    I'm tempted to wonder aloud on several things related to this second couple, but let me wait and see if anyone else will watch and chime in. I will say, they are very brave to put their relationship and life on television and open it up to complete strangers. I have heard of people married to gay spouses, I wonder if that is what is going on here.

    Okay, off to finish watching the show...
  2. The gay porn couple: she's a feeakng idiot!! She also has to be extremely naive or just doesn't want to face reality. She sounded so naive when she said her husband ALWAYS uses a condom and they get tested every 6 weeks. Testing is probably true, since I think it's a California law. But the condom part, not so much.

    She looks much older, stressed and worried. Just worn.
  3. And don't porn people get paid more if they aren't using protection? I thought I read that somewhere (not here but perhaps MTV'S True Life or something.) I dunno but she sounds like an idiot and I haven't watched the clip.
  4. Yes, I've heard that too. Same for women that do the backdoor = more money.
  5. :yucky:
  6. I watched bits and pieces of this episode and the gay porn star couple had me perplexed. They all keep insisting he isnt gay and he is 100% straight and just does it for the money and to provide for his wife. I would tend to believe that any porn star would have to love intercourse in order to do it for a living. Jus sayin. That couple was WEIRD. She also said that he did straight porn at one point and she didnt like because she felt that was cheating but she was ok with gay porn because that is just performing.
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    She's bs'ing herself so she can feel that it is ok. She winces when he talks about his 'work'. He has to have some kind of attraction otherwise he wouldn't be able to perform properly.

    What gives with leaving the wedding ring on the hall stand?
  8. This!

    I couldn't even finish watching the show to be honest. The wife looked uncomfortable and sad, which made me uncomfortable and sad - plus, a few sips of wine and I passed out. Guess, I'll try to finish watching but I agree with everyone's comments. Something in the milk ain't clean and no matter how they try to convince themselves (and the viewing public) that all is well, I feel that things are awry. I feel sad for them...
  9. lol@ bolded, I do that all the time :lol:

    I feel sad for her, HE seemed to be quite smug to me.
  10. I tried to feel sorry for her, but she's accepting of his 'work' so.....
  11. Just finished watching and...

    She said she knows he loves her because "he puts himself out there, pretending to be something that he isn't" to provide for his family.


    I can't help but be reminded of how we human beings can find a way to rationalize anything if we need to. I still feel sorry for both of them. For him - refusing to accept who he may actually be (a gay man). For her - refusing to accept who he may actually be (a gay man).

    She looks like a beard to me and that works just fine as long as all parties know the tea. It was saddening to see how much weight she carried as a result of the lies she had to tell. I daresay a kinder soul would not let the love of his life have to bear the burden of his lies.

    Am I the only one that thought the bags under her eyes were from crying?
  12. Girl, after a long day, it takes but a few sips to do me in. lol!
  13. She 'says' she's accepting, her body language speaks in volumes that she's not really. At one point she literally winces when he is describing what he does. I guess some of a man is better than none at all.
  14. Is she really accepting though? Seems she doesn't like it. I wonder.
  15. she may not like it, but she's still there by his side.

    The bags under her eyes could be from crying, worrying about it all the time, stressed, etc.