I'm mad, but Am I alone ?

  1. Bonjour, I have the SPEEDY 30, the SPEEDY 40 (in mono) and now I want the 35 ! I MUST buy it ! Would I use them all ? Frankly I don't know but I can't help thinking about this purchase. Please, tell me I'm not alone. I call that in french "argent facile" (easy money).
  2. What about waiting for a Damier Speedy? I don't know if it comes in the 35, but that'd be an option for something "new"....
  3. I'm don't like DAMIER very much, too dark I think.
  4. No, i dont think you're MAD. Just 'obsessive', which in forum-lingo, is purrfectly NORMAL !! :nuts: :nuts:
  5. Yes you are completely insane.

    My suggestion : You should give me all your LV, and rid yourself of that TERRIBLE habit.

  6. ^^LOL!!! Great..I have never liked Speedy's and the more I hear...the more I want...need to stay away from these threads! HEEHEE!!!!
  7. LOL...I think that's funny.

    I, personally, don't like a lot of similar bags. Two is ok, but more than that is just a waste of money. I am not telling you that what you're doing is wrong because it is your money and you do what you please with it. However, I'd rather get a different-looking bag. Just my opinion.
  8. You're right ! 2 is enough. I'm going to sell the 30 and buy the 35 ! He He !
  9. Great decision. Its called bag-diversification !! :biggrin:
  10. Yeah, I think that´s enough to have 2.

    In act, nobody but you will notice that u have 3 different bags because the only thing that changes its the size...

    If I were u i´d buy another speedy but in a dif line, like multicolor, epi, etc. i love the multicolor because its so easily to identify a real from a fake.
  11. Am I the only one that disagrees ?! :shame:

    Take a look at jewelbear's collection pictures, she definitely has more than 2 speedies ! I think it's perfectly fine to have more than 1, I mean, they're still different bags for different uses, they look a-like but they're not the same !

    The more Louis Vuitton, the better ! :biggrin:
  12. I have 2 speedies, the 35 and 40. Love them both. I don't think I'd think much about it if BF shows up with a 30 (although I don't think he would cause he would want me to get another kind of bag instead of having 3 bags of the same kind).
  13. LOL, you are as mad as everyone else I think! Im just as bad, I have a few bags in the same style but in different colours!
  14. You are not alone.I must have the 40.I have the 30,the 35,the 45.All I can think about is that 40.My life will be complete with it I am sure!I say get them all.
  15. I agree with you, ayla. Especially about the more Louis Vuitton, the better!:amuse: