I'm lucky to have a shoulder to cry on on my lonely V day...

  1. DH is away for two weeks for work, he's far from paris, another continent... and on sunday, when he left, i had a 39,5°c fever, got the flu for almost a week now...
    on Vday, my plan will be a bowl of soup and some meds! Luckily, this little beauty arrived in time to cheer up my day, i got her from a lovely and sweet b bag lover, i want to thank her and special thanks to cityoflight too, who inspired me and helped me find this cutie. well, here she is, my V day present to myself ! TADA..... anyone ?????:graucho::wlae::yahoo:
    IMG_2189.JPG IMG_2190.JPG
  2. i just realised that the title of the thread has already revealed the answer!:roflmfao::nuts::shame: ha ha ha, so here are some pics of my new addition, my b family keeps growing and i like that!!!:yahoo::love::girlsigh: even the mirror is cute, the size is smaller than the regular one!!!:love::yahoo:
    IMG_2187.JPG IMG_2192.JPG IMG_2193.JPG IMG_2186.JPG
  3. Oh so cute! The little mirror is adorable.
  4. It's absolutely precious.
    Happy Valentine's Day and FEEL BETTER SOON!
  5. OMG! that is one gorgeous shoulder!! i love sandstone/argile it's one of the colors i'm hunting! Congrats! hope you'll feel better soon .. and i'm sure you will with this lovely bag! :tup:
  6. sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather delmilano but i see you've got all bases covered :yes: yeah your thread title gave you away :lol: congrats on such a cutie! :love:
  7. Congrats to the lovely shoulder, I hope you will feel better soon!
    Make yourself a nice evening, chick movie...glass of wine and a bowl of soup in bed and your shoulder...before crying don't forget to appleguard it, lol !
  8. Your title cracked me up!!!:roflmfao: You may be sick and lonely, but you had a gorgeous new bag and a sense of humor :p Congrats, I love the Shoulder style!
  9. Me too! Your title is very clever! Have your soup, stay in bed, and take care of yourself. Hugs, LG
  10. congratulations! & hope you're feeling better soon :flowers: ~ bbag medicine is surely the best kind! :graucho:
  11. Me three.:lol: I love your title.:tup: Congrats,:yahoo: you have the best shoulder to cry on.:wlae:
  12. awww, it's so cute. congrats!!!
  13. That's a cute bag....modeling pics please!! Happy V-day and congrats!
  14. Get well soon!!!

    & CONGRATS on that cute shoulder!!!
  15. adorable title :lol: such a cute shoulder! I hope you feel better soon :flowers: