I'm loving this...

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  1. New Botkier Bombay Tote. I'm eyeing either one (or both) as possible replacement for the Edith. Or, keep the Edith and add this too! What do you guys think??

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  2. Love the chamois color! too cute! plus way cheaper than edith!
  3. It's very cute! The only downside to me is that I don't think you can get it on the shoulder. Btw, if you want it in the brown color, www.activeendeavors.com has it. And I think if you use the code "toutie" you get 20% off. Plus they do free shipping too!
  4. I know! I can get two of these (one in each color) for the price of Edith and still have some extra! I wonder if they look good IRL.
  5. Yeah, 6 inch drop...too short! I'm hoping to see in person then decide. Thanks for the code!
  6. I saw this today and I thought.. woah, looks like a novak !!
  7. I love both colors! So hard to choose....
  8. i usually hate light colored bags but the tan one is gorgeous i say go for it :P
  9. I was thinking about this one when I saw it in a NM catalog. I need a good sized tote, but I like to carry bags on my shoulder too. I'm hesitating because the handles look too small...
  10. If it was a shoulder bag it would be perfect for me! They are still lovely though.
  11. Very nice and sophisticated. What are the dimensions?
  12. Very cute....I say, keep the Edith and get this too :nuts: !
  13. Definately hot in both colors! :nuts:
  14. I liket it!
  15. I like the way you think, SuLi! I just might do that!
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