I'm loving the new bracelets!

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  1. anyone else?? and they are slightly more affordable then the HH ones.
    I can see arm loads in my future :graucho::graucho:
  2. Me too! :love:
  3. pics. piccccssss! :P please?
  4. Check out the website!! ^^
  5. My work computer has blocked the site :sad: I'll be looking them up when I get home though!
  6. I like the new bracelets too!
  7. Much nicer than HH....
  8. I'm loving them too! One of these days, maybe there's gonna be a sale or a FS code. :girlsigh:
  9. i am planning on ordering a couple this weekend... they look so fun
  10. I just checked them out and like them. I'd consider a violet pyramid wide cuff and the plain-ish wrap around wide cuffs. I'll just wait for someone to sell them on eBay though. It may be a while, but I'm patient.
  11. I love the "wide countoured cuff with overlay closure".
    I want one in Mojito (green) or Cobalt!!!
    More than I want to spend right now for one ($75), so maybe they will eventually go on sale....

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  12. I just bought two sets of the skinny styles, one with the gold dome studs and one set with the gunmetal grommets. I already have a couple of HH cuffs so I thought I'd check out the skinny LPs. Some of the color combos are already sold out!

    Can't wait until they arrive! :yahoo:
  13. Wow! I really, really love these!
  14. The studded ones are so cool!