I'm loving brown!!

  1. Isn't it beautiful? A rich chocolate brown........I have no idea if it's authentic or not but I'm sure the wonderful girls on this forum could help with that....
  2. I dont know about authenticity either but browns my favorite color and I love that shape! Its about the same shape as a YSL muse. I dont know what it is about that shape, but you girls are getting me hooked, lol!
  3. i'm pretty sure it is authentic, i've dealt with this seller before. she's legit.
  4. The brown is beautiful!
  5. The seller certainly must think it's authentic. There were eleven bids on it and it reached a price of $2,102.77, and still the reserve was not met, so the seller relisted.
  6. Authentic and the color is called Ebene - very dark coffee brown, almost black! I think I'd prefer the size 31 unless it was for travel. :smile:
  7. I'm another Hermès brown addict...! That Bolide is TDF! I'm listed for a Birkin in that color, I'm also listed for a chocolate box Kelly and I already have a medium brown ( I think it's called Marron) Birkin... How more "brown addicted" can you get...?!?! LOL:lol:
  8. Yes duna, you seem to be a brown addict! You found your Hermes niche.
  9. Duna - Do you remember the official Hermes name for the chocolate color? TIA!:idea: I'm another "brown addict" and am currently hunting for a shade similar to the LV Epi "Moka" color.
  10. Either Marron Fonce or Cocoan. I believe Marron Fonce is a little more common.
  11. What's the difference between the browns? Thanks!
  12. I can't tell the difference, in pictures between the two. I've never seen both side by side in person.
    Both are beautiful, bitter chocolate browns.
  13. That Bolide is authentic and the seller only sells authentic designer items. The brown is very rich and beautiful.:amuse: