I'm losing my mojo!

  1. It just occured to me that my last pair of shoes was purchased on the 1st of July. That is a whole 61 days ago! :wtf: What is wrong with me??? Not having any money never stopped me before!

    I think some major intervention is required here!


  2. I think you must go shoe shopping at once! LOL
  3. Maybe your satisfied with the collection you own right now?? Get up and go to the nearest Saks!!!
  4. just hang around in this sub-forum more often and I am sure your problem will get fixed shortly.
  5. Oh I'm the same!! My last shoe purchase was a whole.....day ago :wtf::p
  6. Still no shoes but I am moving back to the US in 12 days and I have two brand new pairs of Manolos waiting for me at my mom's! I bought them when NM was having their sale a few months ago but they wouldn't ship them here.

    I must buy something in the meantime though :p
  7. I need to lose my mojo. :roflmfao:
  8. I get this way. I get fidgity if I dont have shoes on pre-order, or on the way, or a planned purchase coming up... it takes the joy out of life :p