I'm losing it!!! Chloe Edith!

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  1. Just couldn't pass up a new lower price at NM for the Edith Bowler Bag! Don't even know if I'm going to like it! Not so crazy about the photo but.....couldn't pass on the price!!! $1660. for $664.00! Neiman Marcus Online make sure u click on sales &values first, then premier designer handbags. What do u think?:sweatdrop:
  2. ooohh a great price!!! iw ouldn't miss it myself! congratulation :yahoo:

  3. How di u get the picture of the bag posted? Don't know how to do that..:shame:
  4. if u're using apple, you click the right mouse on the pic and choose copy image, the in PF, you choose the mountain icon then paste.

  5. I saw that today!

    Just fyi, I purchased a chloe handbag on sale recently, and when I received it, I noticed it wasn't perfect. Perhaps it was a return or floor model.

    Check it over really well!
  6. I dont have apple
    can't get it to work but i'll keep trying!
  7. with PC, you have to click the right mouse and choose property. then u're going to see the url, you copy the url and go to the mountain icon and paste it!
  8. Yeh, I saw that too and couldn't believe the bargain. It's a beauty!
    Congratulations you smart shopper!
  9. Was looking at that bag today on the site. So pretty!! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics when you receive it. Hope you love it.
  10. That deal is amazing! But how come it is marked down so much? Wasn't the Edith super hot and everyone (well, Chloe fans anyway) wanted one?
  11. oh i'm jealous! beautiful bag and beautiful price too!
  12. i think because edith is not as hot as before :p
  13. [​IMG]just checking to see if working
  14. Lynnie: Did you buy the bag?? Have you recieved it yet? If so post pics!!
  15. I debated over the bag, so you're not alone;)